Tuesday, July 5, 2005

40 days and nights

Check yesterday Post concerning Jesus 'Peace upon him ' ,and also read again the Article in www.jeffrense.com site ,yes I am sorry I know it too long, I found something interesting in it concerning a 40 days and nights read it here
The Jeff rense.com's long and controversial article says that one of the twin Jesus the Rabi came to Egypt to study a mix of old judaism learning ,Ancient Egyptian relgioion secrets which were passed between the priests only ,those secrets were not written at all ,by oral transfer they were only for high rank priests as I read in Egyptology
Now the twin brother Jesus came to Egypt and Stayed 40 days or nights to be enlightned by ancient secrets that would enable him after to make his medical miracles

The number 40 stopped me indeed because we also in Islam ,arab and Egyptian Culture got this number in different ways ,it is just like the number 7 but in less way

In Islam ,the Sofism ,which is devoting your life to the love and worship of God ,it has long history in Islam and till now it got its supporters and also those who are against it 'may be I will talk about it some day' in Sofism' Sofism is very very complicated ,the sofi must stay in complete isolation from all the material world for 40 nights , worshiping God ,ask for his mighty enlightment , in those 40 nights ,he should recieve the Gift of Knowledge ,it is kind of the secret of Universe !!! --------------------------Enlightment

Another thing in Islam ,the Shiia muslims also got the 40 days and nights thing ,the shekih that is like The Khomani in Iran , those high ranked shekihes stay 40 days and nights ,this is kind of rule to all kind of Shiia ,they are 12 teams as we call them ' another promise to talk about them '

Last thing in Islam about 40, it is said that but not confirmed that in Death , the soul goes out of body in 40 days period before the the peron dies and his soul goes to heaven ,it kind of stuck between heaven and earth,this is not mentioned directly in Islam as far as I read but I was told about it

Now go for the Egyptian culture 'my favorite'
Despite it is sad as it is related to Death also ' we are kind of people that respect Death so much ,the evidence are the Pyramids in Giza Plateau
When a perosn dies in Egypt ,according to Islam ,a memorial service must be held for three days only , while in Egyptian Culture it extends to More than that
It is 3 days than when the first thursday comes after the death there is another memorial service 'some religious Egyptians don't do it ' it is called El-Khamsan
Then when the 40th day after the death comes there is another memorial service ' a profit for coffee sellers in Egypt" it is called El-Arbeen

Conclusion :
regardless of the Egyptian culture ,The 40 day seems to have the meaning in the Eastern religions for isolation and worshiping God in order to have the divine secrets that no one has it ,so from ancient Egypt to Judasim 'as refered in the article then transferred into Sofism and Shiia ' both are influenced by non Islamic references'

another fact from Life sometimes the age of 40 for a man is the signal to loss control ,ask Tom Cruise


  1. In school I was taught that 40 was the ancient way of saying many or several. So 40 days and nights would be many days and nights. 40 years would be "a very long time".

  2. In school I was taught that 40 was the ancient way of saying many or several. So 40 days and nights would be many days and nights. 40 years would be "a very long time".


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