Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Whales valley in Egypt

BBC NEWS Africa Africa World Heritage sites named
Check the Link above ,they chose the Whales valley in Egypt among the world Heritage sites , Now it became a natural preseved area
The location of the Whales valley is the western desert of Egypt ,this desert in the pres-historic times said to have great jungles yet with this valley proves the opposite as I understand it seems that large portion of the Egyptian Lands were under the water and this is logic as I know that the Makatum Plateau was originally the base of Sea , well it is not sea any more it seems to me as ocean but if you read the report ,these ay that whales were wild animals lived on the land before they went to the sea as part of their Evolution !!
The newly world heritage site already contains a large collection of pre-historic whales ,before its last evolution , 40 million years ago!!!!!!
Egypt already contains another world Heritage site ,I don't know its name but it is in Fayyoum State ,Fayyoum is already very rich with its historical sites ,this site I heard about it from some friends is said to have dinosaurs remaining and other pre-historic stuff ,yet there is no protection for it ,so American and European expedition come and take what they from it as Sovinieres !!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. What's left of it after being left for souvenirs collectors and other scavenger paleontologists for long.

    Have you ever been there?

    A friend of mine's written an an article on a discovery that he's made in Tell elFarq.


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