Friday, August 12, 2005

And Death Comes as the end

Yesterday I read the great crime Novel by Dame Agatha Christie 'Death comes as the end' ,the first crime novel that took places in Old Thebes in Egypt from 2000 B.C.
Christie with her great background in History wrote it with great passion to the Egyptian history
As crime novel ,I assure that you won't know the real killer except in the last chapter as Usual
But it is more than just a crime Novel ,it has a kind of Romance ,The British Crime queen didn't write before I guess
The usual setting ,the revenge ,the evil with in the family isn't new in Christie's world ,it is the favorite theme for Agatha ,In fact I felt the British rich family theme dominating some how the atmosphere of the Novel 'The rich land Lord, the Grand Mother ,the brothers '
yet from another angle ,you can see it an example of Egyptian family ,the everlasting conflict on the land and power between the brothers ,the war between Sisters -In law, it will happen till now in the modern time
Dame Christie hadn't already got good Background in the history between in also modern history or more what I can say the habits of specific people
Read those few lines and I am sure you feel that it is addressing something in you as Egyptian
"We are Strange People,We Egyptians.We love life So we plan early for Death "
Isn't that so true about us?

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