Monday, August 22, 2005

a million dollar photo, a state inside a state

This photo is worth million dollar for me ,it is not a photo but a short movie Al-jazeera news channel golden camera was taking it during the withdraw from Gaza
The Scene excatly like this:
An angry Israeli settler ,very angry and fierce that he gets an Israeli Flag ,Cut it in two pieces , then with big power and loud voice ,he spites on it ,yes spitts on the flag with loud voice 'Atafoooo.'
Then he throws the pieces of the torn flag!!!!!!!!
I was surprised , this radical Israeli spited on his own flag ,do you imagine doing this on your country flag !?
I don't think so
this short movie shows another state growing in power inside Iseral , may be it is not real power but it is taking its shape now through anger
It is the state of Radical Jews ,yes radical Jews ,they are no more Israelis because Spitting on your flag in front of thousands of cameras doesn't make you a loyal citizen anymore

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  1. This is unsurprising-here in the United States we have been taken over by a cabal who claims to be patriotic, yet did everything they could do to avoid service as younger men and treat the US Constitution with utter contempt now.

    For people like these, how much wealth they can have is all that matters-ask them for sacrifice, and they turn on you in an instant.


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