Monday, November 28, 2005

Bravo Noha

The Councilor Noha of Damnhor is the woman of the year 2005 in Egypt , this respectable lady has courage hundreds or even thousands of men in Egypt now don't have , yes I mean it , and I am sorry if I hurt anyone's feeling .
For those who don't know Councilor Noha, she is an honest lady who confessed and announced her innocence from the results of the Parliament elections in Bahira where she is supervised the elections, as in Bahira there were two candidates Gamal Hashmat ,the Muslim brotherhood candidate , who is very popular in the area and won the elections several times, Gamal's opponent in the elections there is Mustafa El-Faky , the National democratic party candidate "NDP" a very respected politician " was respectable but now no he is not respectable at all" who used to work in the foreign affairs and as counselor to president Mubarak for foreign affairs for years. El-Faky wanted to buy votes by any possible way as Hashmat is very popular and so it was not surprisingly that the bribes method was used to try to influence the electors to vote for him, yet it was surprisingly and sad that a man like El-faky distributed Meat meals as bribe as it was told and said in the media!!!
Yet time of choice came ,and people all chose Gamal Hashmat and the result at night was announced in the national Television and all Arabic news channels like Al-Jazeera that Hashmat won and El-Faky lost , the difference between them was huge , a number like 25,000 votes difference .
But suddenly in the morning the results were changed for the sake of El-Faky "The same scenario of Amal Othman in Dokki and Agouza area in the first phase of the elections", Rumors sayings till now that President Mubarak himself interfered in the manipulating the results !!!!!
All people in Egypt are sure of the cheat that happened in Bahira yet no one can speak because there was no evidence yet Councilor Noha, in Damnhor revealed the truth in El-Masri El-Yom "unfortunately I didn't buy this edition" yet it is published in El-osboo3 today and announced that she is innocent from this result in front of God and the nation, this really is impressive, it is so great and I am so proud of her, May God Bless her
Ironically El-Faky is saying there are some judges who got some Muslim brotherhood relations!!!!!!!!
People we need more from Noha's Kind and we need less and even Zero of the justice minister in Egypt Abu Lil


  1. I found this blog surfing Egyptian blogs.

    Well written and heart felt post.

  2. small notes:
    - Noha proved to be the most courage person among all the men and women of justice system who were attending frauds and did't speak, but i can't compared her with anyone else :)
    - mostafa elfeky, was mubarak advisor for information and not for foreign affairs

    anyway i strongly agree that we do need a lot of Noha(s) in egypt these days

  3. @ renegade eye ,thanks for your comment

    @darsh, thanks for the correction , but believe me in this country of hyprocrisy she is better than many


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