Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thugs again and again

First of all I want to correct something I posted in my last post " that India got no thugs" I am sorry as I found out through search the origin of thug word in English that thug and thugee was originated in India itself !!!!!
Do you know Indiana Jones movie series !? Did you see the last movie of this series produced 1984 , Indiana Jones and the temple of Dome !? If you did ,you probably know what is thugee even in silly way
Well you can check Wikipedia its meaning ,I will talk about it later , do it yourself and explore the hidden world of Thuggee
Second I will continue talking about thugs again
My dear visitors Mohammed and Egyptian -in -USA commented in my last post two comments made me think so much , despite some think they are different yet I guess they are related to each other
I think Mohamed's emphasis that we " as society"don't care about the poor working class that got voting power , he is right we don't have as Egyptian Arabic Society, we think that it is government duty despite the fact that the government and the regime don't care about the society and don't give damn about the Educated Middle or working lower class , only the very high class that the NDP, the government and the regime belong to they care about.
Egyptian-In-USA's emphasis was why we don't talk with thugs or even pay to them more than the NDP to make them understand that what they are doing is wrong !!!!!

Now listen to my emphasis , we as society don't care about the poor class and as of the results of this carelessness the thugs appeared , I am not saying that we are the reason but I am saying that we didn't try really to understand and solve this problems, guys from two decades we didn't have such thing in Egypt whether in Nasser Era or Sadaat Era, may God bless their souls
Also as a society 's fault that no one tried to speak to those thugs especially in the time of the elections ,showing them it is wrong , not just it is wrong that they support the NDP and they are its dirty hand that keeps hitting on the poor people , but it is wrong to use the language of the violence by this way whether in elections or non elections time .
It is issue of belonging and patriotism people ,I am not kidding ,I am talking very serious
Patriotism and belonging is not about loving the country and its flag , listening to Akid fi Misr and Ya Agla 7aga fi wogod but also it is caring and working for having a better future for me and my kids in my country in a respectful way that makes me feel respected with a dignity .
as a society we speak a lot of Patriotism but we aren't that patriot enough ,after making the streets dirty and spitting on the streets make the country look ugly and us as uncivilized people
It is deep issue the one about belonging nowadays
But really do the thugs have this sense of patriotism and belonging !?
May be , may be not
now I am writing all what is in my mind from my thoughts without no arrangement or even logic in some parts
If we talk with thugs like Egyptian -in-USA said , would they listen? ,I don't agree on paying more than NDP because if then there will no trust , no belonging , the only belonging will be for the pound and can even reach to the dollar sign only
If we talk ,will they listen ?? Will they put their swords and knives down??
You know one of my impossible dreams is that one day near the election season , a NDP man goes to a thug and thug refuses the devil's offer not because NDP wants to hire him but because it is unethical to do so , to spoil the chance where the people can choose those who really care from them , and he won't do it for money even if he is so hungry ,even the NDP man threats him with the police ..... Impossible dream right!?


  1. Zeinobia,

    1. You are right that the NDP do not do much for the poor:

    1.a. The fact that almost 50% can not read is enough. What did the NDP do to solve this for the last 25 years it ruled Egypt. Shame on NDP and all its members.

    1.b. Many Egyptians are very poor and it kills me to see very small kids standing in the traffic light under the cruel summer sun begging politely. I still remember my grandfather shock the first time he saw an Egyptian guy looking inside the Trash box to search for food. My grandfather told me then "Do you see what this government did to the people."

    2. You are also right that being patriot does not mean to love the pyramids and the nile and the north coast ... but to love the poor old lady selling vegtables in the market and the old man cleaning your fancy car. It is about the people not the city. (Did they show the movie kingdom of heaven in Egypt yet? The same statement was said there.)

    Finally, if it was not for our great religion that institute charity in many forms, our poor class would not have survived at all because the NDP as far I am concerned is not doing a good job.

  2. Zeinobia,

    You are famous!

    The following was written about you at

    أما زينب فتتخذ مدونتها "الوقائع المصرية" طابعاًُ إخبارياً ممزوجاً برأيها الخاص في تناول الانتخابات النيابية التي لم تكن آخر ما تناولته بالتغطية حيث تطرقت أيضاً لرحيل مصطفى العقاد قبل أيام ،

  3. Egyptian in U.S.A thanks oh boy I am celeb now :)
    about the NDP well it doesn't care either by the city or the people ,it cares for its people sake and yes they showed kingdom of heaven in Egypt from couple of months
    and also yes our great religion helped alot ,already I am so proud and I wish I have a better and great role other than donation to the makers of life projects and Resala ,my friends joined it and it is really great
    ironically the bureaucracy of the government stood as china great wall in front of those great kids


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