Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Muslim brotherhood phobia

The Muslim brotherhood phobia
Oh my goodness, if you are Egyptian who lives in Egypt and watch the official media channels from TV, radio and Newspapers you will understand what I am going to say and in fact you will have an idea about what I am going to speak about.
Since the first phase of Elections and the government is making anti-MB campaign and unfortunately the left wing in Egypt joined it fiercely, it started with Slogan of MB "The Islam is the solution" which means that the religion Islam got all the solutions for our problems" ironically there is nothing in the Egyptian constitution against according to the supreme court as the second chapter in the constitution is saying "the Islamic shiira "laws and teachings " that the source of legalization.
Fierce war that ended by historical victory to the MB in the first phase and historical defeat to NDP "corrected by cheating" and left wing.
The war didn't stop the phobia continued and even more fiercely, on all official channels Abd Allah Kamal, the chief editor of Rosa elyousef reading a whole chapters from Hassan El-Bana, the founder of the group attacking it so much by trying to prove that they are terrorists and they will make from Egypt another Iran.
Wilad Hanna disappointed me by saying that he would leave and that the Egyptian Christians would do the same if the MB reached to the rule, and then this week I read a statement for Hanna saying he won't leave Egypt if the MB has the rule.
All these and those statements are just Stupid silly talk.
I am not defending the MB as I also don't like or approve their ideas but why don't give them a chance?
Guys' entering the Egyptian Parliament doesn't mean ruling Egypt, plus it is the people choice, Democracy says we have to respect the People choice.
Anyway I like what the DOSTOR Newspaper and its opinions about the MB whether or against and I like more what Ibrahim Eissa said in his articles.
Why we scared from the MB?
As long as we act according the constitution even the corrupted one we have, there is nothing to fear of.
And to those who fear from the scenarios of Iran or Algeria, Egypt is not Iran or Algeria, and also why don't you look to the Scenario of Turkey?
It is ruled by the Islamist party of Ardogan yet in this islamist cabinet Turkey has a good opportunity to join the EU, also It acts according to the Turkish Constitution which is against the Islam, in fact last week I read that Ardogan fired two army officers because their wives wore the veil, despite the fact Ardogan's wife and daughter are wearing the veil
By the way the stupid people in NDP think by attacking the MB, people will hate it, and they don't release that people are becoming more attached to the MB just like Ayman Nour
Also I like the 1/2 word Ahmed Rageb wrote in his daily column in Al-Ahkber about the NDP hiring the PR specialists from the MB to teach them how to win in the elections by showing them the tactics and so on
After long lectures the man asked them what you learned.
The NDPs say: Islam is the Solution


  1. Zeinobia,

    I do not want to be in the same side of NDP ever, ... but here what I think the MB is doing wrong:

    Imagine in few yaers the copts are now 40% of the Egyptians and they want to form a political party that is *only open to copts* which seek its share in the parliament and its program is mainly based in ruling Egypt according to the Coptic Church teaching .....

    What do you think the Catholic/muslim/jewish Egyptians feel?

    I think ... they feel excluded because they can not join this Coptic Brotherhood because they are not Copts and therefore they may never reach the inner circle of the future ruling party.

    Well .... it is the same situation now with the MB ... I bet the copts are feeling excluded as well. I know that because I always feel the same thing with the NDP ... I feel excluded because the membership of its inner circle is so tight, no ordinary Egyptian can get there.

    So ... what should the MB do then?

    They have to form "the Egyptian Religious Party (ERP)" which will open to all Egyptians (including Copts, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, etc) who would like to reform the Egyptian society based on Islam Teaching (according to its members' interpretation of Islam).

    Notice the difference here ... This is a party that is open to All Egyptians who believe in the election program of the party, namely the understanding of its members to the Islam teachings.

    This way MB can continue with its program on the same time, be open to all Egyptians.

    In this time of history, we are beyond the point where societies can discriminate against religious, skin color, etc.

  2. I guess the problem in MB that they just use the Islam as a cover
    what we really need is real parties and real democratic life
    yet this is a good idea for MB to have , instead of MB ,it will Egyptian brothers


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