Egyptian Chronicles: Shekih El-Azhar and losing the religion

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Shekih El-Azhar and losing the religion

The current Shekih El-Azhar of Egypt ,Shekih Siad Tantawy made a very offensive statement "The Danish newspaper should not attack a dead man !!"
Ladies and gentlemen the dead man he was referring to is Prophet Mohammed "PBUH", the prophet of Islam
The occasion was meeting with the Danish ambassador who is trying to save some of the remaining Danish Islamic relations after the Danish Newspaper "Its name is in the petition post people ,I don't how to read it already !!"
The Shekih who is appointed by a presidential order must resign immediately and apologize for the Muslim
Not that only but I wish they can cut off the title of Shekih from him ,just like in Christianity
One of the main problems of Al-Azhar is that its head man became a speaker ,hypocrite to the government .....
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  1. We all are convinced from some time ago that he is not a rational man anyway, I would never listen to any of his opinions again ever, though I can't resist how they get on my nerves, always provoking.

  2. Zeinobia,

    Sheikh Tantawey made many mistakes before. This is not his first. May be we need another petition to ask him to leave his office.

  3. @Eman .you chose the right word "Provoking"
    @Egyptian-in-USA ,the petition is not the solution unfortunately ,he comes and goes witha presidential order :(

  4. nice blog there zenobia, first time to drop by and really impressed.

    As for Sheikh Tantawi, never expect more from him or any of his likes. They are appointed to their positions to take and carry out orders. If they break the context their positions are lost. So simply it is just the mind-set of anyone occupying such a position :"follow the orders".

    That's why University presidents, faculty deans, Grand Imam, Mufti and governers are appointed not elected. Just to not be break the context.

  5. It's upsetting. We can't even stand up for our religion anymore. Is that it? Why is he so cowardly?

  6. @ JC thank for your comment and I hope you become a regular visit to the chronicles , you reached to important fact in our country concerning the important critical position like the Shekih of Al-Azhar , and I will add to you they appoint people who listen and take order and be obident enough to fulfill whatever it is ,just to satisy the master who brings them welfare from their point of view

    @ Day Dream, he is coward because of the above mentioned talk


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