Monday, March 13, 2006

And the search is going on to find someone able to be the president of El-Mahrosa

From few day I read some stupid statement that I tried to ignore because it provokes my dignity as intelligent human being "I guess I am so"

It is the famous statement of Dr.Osama El-Baz ,the president Hosni Mubarak's advisor to Rueters saying the following

President Mubarak will leave the rule when he finds someone capable of the mission

I am really shocked that this statement comes from someone smart like El-Baz ,yes he is smart ,already he is the brother of the famous Dr.Mustafa El-Baz in NASA.It is an insult to the Egyptian people as this means the president for 24 years couldn't find the smart person to be the vice president ,he couldn't find his match in intelligence and wisdom in a population of 73 million people or even, see how it is provoking

I didn't expect this from El-Baz ,who is known to be smart enough when it goes to the media ,yet it is surprising after he is from the regime men !!

And the search is going on to find someone able to be the next president of Egypt a.k.a El-Mahrosa {The heavenly protected one}, if you find the required person with qualities that match or override the current president qualities and intelligent please call us or send us an e-mail on :)

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  1. Zenobia,

    I would like to apply for the position of the president.

    Where can we apply for the job?!

    Do they hold an interview for the applicants?

    Here is my short resume:

    1- I promise I will not allow any one to steel even a stone from Egypt and "escape" outside Egypt. I will bring him/her back to Egypt where they can spend the rest of their life in jail spending their life educating any Egyptian who can not read or write.

    2- I promise I will remove "Wasta = corruption" (big officials before small ones). They will enjoy our prison.

    3- I have to build many new prisons then. I will run out of space.

    4- I promise free elections/free press/free universities/free economy.

    5- Of course I will get kicked off the office because I will lose in the first free election because of all the people I put in prisons. That is OK; I will be the first live Ex-president.

  2. in all this long resume full of bright promises I like one very much and that's why I think you can do a historical job ,you will be the first ex-Egyptian president alive


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