Saturday, March 4, 2006

Jewish attackers throw fireworks into Christian holy site in Nazareth

Fireworks !! Seems to me that those people wanted to blow the holy site , I believe MSNBC is trying to make it look less dangerous

but if you check in Al-Jazeera you will find something more realistic click here

This place in Nazarath is not holy only for Christians but it is also for Muslims and anyone who believe in Abrahamtic divine religion

the Basilica of the Annunciation is believed to be the place where the Virgin Mary saw holy spirit Gabrael who informed her that she would be preganent , it is the place where she used to worship God for very long hours

Now all the isreali media saying the couple or the trio who did this act will be some crazy manic as usual ,you see when some palestinain blows himself ,then he will be the palestinian Arabic Muslim terrorist ,but when some jew goes and try blow up "the church" or set fire "El-Aqsa Mosque" or even kill dozen of civlians prayer "El-Ibrahimi Mosque " than he will be a crazy person need to be sent to a psychoanalyst and that 's it


Jewish attackers throw fireworks into Christian holy site in Nazareth, setting off riot

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  1. Yes, except that there are more attempts from the Arabic side than the Israili side, sadly, the media wouldn't cover Arabs against Jews, for sure.

    Anyways, that's plain stupid - why would a jew kill a christian (or destroy something precious to them)? They must be someone really off.

  2. well my dear friend what are you referring is that the arabs are killing the jews more than the jews kill arab ,I remind you the Isreali army is jewish one and it killed millions of arabs since the 1948 , and the media didn't ,doesn't and won't mention this

    anyway I don't think much about why they want to blow the church except they are radical jews , read their thoughts and believes and you undertand why ?

  3. I just wanted to point out in answer to sorcer comment that "why would a jew kill a christian?":
    Generally christians have a lot more against jews than muslims do. Its in their religion, and you'll find there are versions of the bible that clearly state that the jews were directly responible for Jesus' death, and that they represent all that is evil in the world. Also historically christians were a lot more aggresive and intolerant towards jews. So to me its natural for a jew, especially a radical one to try to hurt christians even more so than if he were trying to hurt a muslim (since we're mainly political enemies and not religious ones which is the case in Christian vs Jew).

  4. Who said that Muslims aren't religious enemies? Muslims are religious and political enemies, while christians are just religious enemies. Anyways, political influence covers the religious problems - that's why jews would never do such a stupid move unless, as Zeunobia said, they are radical jews.

    Muslims are unlucky because we occupy their (claimed)promised land, if their temple was in Paris (or Berlin which would be really fun) things would've been really different. Anyways, any of you watched that woman on Al Jazeera that attacked Muslims saying that "we never saw a jew bombing himself in a german resturant to protest on the holc.? we only see muslims". <- this is how the media deliver the info, sneaky peeky.

    Just my 0.2 (EU)cents.

  5. my understanding is that Dr Goldstein is considered a terrorist (the terrorsit who killed Muslim Prayers in Hebron) between regular Israelis. Yet the more to the right you go the less of a terrorsit and more of a hero he becomes.

    Yet, with the Arabs/Muslims, moderate ones would consider Hamas and Fatah as freedom fighters. Yet, the more to the right you go, the more of martyrs and soldiers of God they become.

    The bottom line, is that both are terrorists. If you are going to kill civilians (and this includessoldiers that are off duty) for political reasons then you are a terrorsits.

  6. @anonymous , what are saying is true , some Christian groups still hate Jews and blame them ,and this is considered them religious enemies while what between the Muslims and Israelis turned them in to a political enemies until 1967 when Israel took Al-Quds and the Aqsa Mosque ,then it turned in to a religious enemy thing, remember the Islamic world before that date didn't care that much for Palestine and the Arabic land beginning stolen

    @Sorcer ,Islam doesn't preach its follower to go and blow themselves , in fact I guess what the Palestinians do in bombing themselves is protesting in a desperate way, if you look to those suicide bombers you will find most of them or all of them who live in the occupied lands in the worst conditions ever , from poverty and inequity under the siege , terrible one , blowing up your body is the last desperate weapon you got after all the weapons whether guns or talk are finished, I am not defending but you must understand how they feel ,it is not Islamic
    By the way you got a great website
    @Assem, your definition from terrorism is different than mine ,we may agree on the major part killing civilians for political reasons but when it goes to military officers ,well it is different story , my dear friend by this logic , Rafa at El-Assad who killed millions in Syria can't be killed or touched because of this
    Make it more hotter this post I will say that I hoped that Mr.Ariel Sharon would be killed for what he did in 1967 when he ordered his troops to kill our P.O.W
    There are some military officers who are more than terrorists from cruelty need to hanged

  7. Zeinobia, you really don't have to explain that to me, because I totally agree.

    Thankies. =)


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