Monday, April 24, 2006

Dahab Blasts {Someone celebrates the Sinai Liberation on his way }

I said it before in my last post , the Sham El-Nassim 2006 is historical , as it was n't enough to have a judge humiliation in the morning but from few hours a three huge blasts happened in Dahab "in South Sinai" more news from Filbalad "Arabic".

Now three huge explosions , 23 are dead and 150 are injured according to Reuters, while the interior ministry 's first official statement says that 10 are dead and 70 are injured , Al-jazeera says 30 are dead and 1

Eye Witnesses are saying that bodies and body parts are shattered all over the huge crowded area of Bazaars and tourists

The Early investigations show that the terrorists used Timed bombs not the usual suicide bombing , a great change as i see also a dangerous one

Now I said it before in Sharm Blasts and Taba Blasts and i will say it

Check the Timing and numbers

  1. This is the third blast happens in Sinai after Taba blasts in October 2004 and Sharm blasts in July 2005 .
  2. This is the third blast that happens on the same time of an occasion with a patriotic history :
    1. Taba 2004 happened on the 6th of October.{ The war of 1973, youm El-Kippor}
    2. Sharm El-Shekih on the 23 rd of July . {The Egyptian Revolution of 1952}
    3. Dahab on the 24th of April { The Liberation of Sinai on the 25th }
  3. I remember that Taba blasts were also three explosions , also this one too.
  4. Sinai again as Location has its importance

I noticed that now the media released those above points

Already now Egypt is celebrating the Spring Feast or Sham El-Nassim and many people are travelling across the country, this is the time of vacations

We got a relative and his family in Sharm , and guess they were ordered to stay in their rooms for now , there is panic allover Sinai and I don't blame them ,

Who is /are behind it ?

I don't know , already today I was and is still busy with the Judges , the Emergency bloody law and the tension between the Egyptians

yet I will think loud as usual so the world can hear me

The Egyptian-Israeli borders are opened as Israelis are departing in Fears, already Dahab and Taba are a Israeli tourist attraction ,Israelis can cross the borders without a Visa and stay for a month by their ID Cards according to the Peace agreement !!

  • good motives for anti-Israeli groups and they are many

The Emergency bloody law ,I know it sounds crazy that the regime plans such thing , but after extending the duration of this decayed anti-freedom law for two years after the comic arresting of the Mansoura Cohorts , the Egyptian Government needs to justify its act in front of the world " We need this bloody law to fight the bloody terrorist" ,

  • i know it is crazy but in those days you can't omit any suspect what so ever and don't forget that in Intelligence world the most impossible ideas are the most successful one

The Tribes of Sinai:

  • Could it be a tribal revenge from the humiliation they saw on the hands of the Egyptian Security forces

The So- called Fundamental Ancestral Islamic groups which looks to Al-Quida as idol , i can't deny there is a good increasing radical thinking nowadays spreading in Egypt due to many many factors from Politically "first one" ,economically and religiously ,

  • this radical thinking doesn't like the existing of Israelis as number one , yet these days Egyptians are more than Foreigners ,it is our spring break ,
  • number two Dahab got the worst reputation as a sex trade area ,especially in Asala "one of the bombed areas" ,
  • number three and this is the craziest idea ever , already today I ate all kinds of fish , shrimp and crab that makes me unstable " those bloody groups can be brain washed , manipulated by other intelligence and secret services to implement their plans "The Sadaat Assassination Enigma"

Can it be another encoded message to President Mubarak who is spending the Sham El-Nassim in Sharm El-Shekih the second unofficial capital of Egypt

  • Yet the first message in July Blasts didn't have any required respond and it was on his door step

Can it be another encoded message to Saudia Arabia and Egypt Allies in the Arab League who want to make a headquarter for Arabic Summits in Sharm

  • Sinai is not safe Arabs

Of course I don't need to say that Foreigners will think 100 times before coming to Sinai ,so a whole touristic season is gone, and of course the impacts of these blasts are terrible on the economy , thank God the Stock Market exchange of Cairo and Alexandria is off for today and tomorrow , i am not a broker but the tourism , hotels and Aviation industry's stocks are going to be effected , ironically Egypt Air was going to issue its Stocks !!

These ideas are products of long day of frustrating news in the morning and large banquet of fish , already I feel sad because today was a wonderful spring day , really i have n't seen such beautiful spring weather from long time in Egypt, i took beautiful photos for the Nile today and i wanted to share it with you but ............

My God bless the souls of those innocent people who died today in the day of Spring and the night of Liberation

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