Monday, May 22, 2006

What is going in Kuwait ?

What is going in Kuwait?
As some one who is interested in politics in the Middle East, I must see and understand what is going in the rich Gulf state
Unfortunately I didn’t care much to understand what is going because I was and am still concentrating on our own crisis in Egypt “Oh boy they are so many”
Until suddenly yesterday I was opening Elaph E-news portal which I hate yet I have to see it on daily base and found out that the Prince of Kuwait ordered to dissolve the Kuwaiti parliament and called for early parliament elections on the next 29th of June.
Already these elections were planned to be held on 2007 not this year!!
All what I can understand as I am not Kuwaiti and I am not expert in the Kuwaiti and Gulf in side issues
But what I understand from the reports in BBC and Al-Jazeera, that there is some kind of confrontation between the Government and the opposition “same like the one we are having in the Valley of the Nile “, yet this confrontation in the Persian Gulf is much stronger as already there is much more independent in a way that makes me wish to have such parliament in the country that saw the birth of the first legalization authority in the middle East (
The whole problem is about a law of the elections, the opposition demands the reduction of the voting district and thus eliminating the problem of “Votes buying and other regulations”
The appointed government is against this reform yet –read this carefully- they sent it to the constitutional court “no arrestments or no insults like some may use and you know whom I am referring with this some “
Now the tension between the opposition and the government reached to unbreakable wall, already the parliament can’t dismiss the government but they can declare that they can not co-operate with the cabinet
The Kuwaiti Parliament which was established in 1962 had seen the question of more than 30 ministers through years, saw for the first time the question of the prime Minister last week as far as I remember
Yesterday the Kuwaiti Emir “Prince” made a touching speech, he looked sad when he said that he ordered to dissolve the parliament.
In my point I am afraid that dissolving the Parliament is a great mistake, if the opposition in the parliament wants something and has the majority of votes to support it, then the government should listen to it, this is the basic of the real democratic life that is based upon a healthy Parliament that was elected by the free will of the people.
I may be mistaken but this is another strike to democracy in the Arab World, already the Parliament of Kuwait was another promising example in the Gulf and Arab world that a real political life can be implemented in an Arabian Monarchy.
I would be very thankful if any Kuwaiti brother and sister comes by and explains to me the whole issue, who is right? Who is wrong?
This is just a perspective of An Arab who lives thousand miles from Kuwait

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