Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wild Wild Middle East : We are so so cheap , for one man

For one man , one kidnapped solider , not even a dead , not even for a group of soldiers Israel is punishing one million person in Gaza Strip . I feel so cheap when three Egypt soldiers died from two weeks and Mubarak didn't do anything except accepting the weak apology of Olmart in Cairo while Israel threats to unleash a great war on Palestine for one nerd like 18 years old boy , I am sorry to describe him like that but you will know why I described him like this if you see his picture

Israel broke international laws for this guy , and a war was going to happen yesterday if the Syrian forces targeted the Israeli air fighters which flied over the Syrian president 's chateau in the North of Syria !!

We are really so cheap , three soldiers were killed and none cared for them !!

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  1. The 18 year old kid is an obvious excuse just to invade what little there is left of Palestine and kill everyone in there. Even as I type this I feel sick but I'm certain this is the case. Israel is attempting genocide, cutting off water supply, electricity. Disease will spread and kill innocent civilians, the young, old, disabled, people who have nothing to do with it. **Cheap** is the word here. It's like the Israeli millitary are performing their own final solution.

  2. well using excuses is the oldest dirty trick used by any occupation forces whether British/French/Israeli or even american
    and yes we are cheap whether Egyptian or Palestinian


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