Saturday, July 15, 2006

Marawheen, remember the name Marawheen


I don't know why this name of this village in south of Lebanon had this special echo in my ear ,even before I know what happened there


Marawheen , it makes me remember when ever I hear the name, the name of those Lebanese village , you know those name of the ideal Lebanese village in the Rahabany brothers' musical plays

It has the same echo of Mias El-Rim , you remember this wonderful 1970s musical play starring Fairoz ,Nasri Shams El-Din and Huda about those two families who hate each other yet found among them a Romeo and Juliet couple

I don't know ,Marawheen could have been like Mias El-Rim or Khaloon or any other Lebanese beautiful village that it didn't polluted by the Cities ' pollution like Beirut , I admit I love the Shami countryside and mountains more then crowd busy modern cities like Beirut , who can hate those virgin places with its innocent kind people who did n't stained by the greed of the city people

Marawheen could have been ,already it had been a cheerful song like Fairoz's Dabbaka songs "Amara Ya Amara Lal Talali Al shagra" instead it became today a very sad song , sorry a kind of ballad ,a Maolal , very sad one

Marawheen became today a black spot in the history of mankind and the history of the United Nation , in fact today Marawheen ,sorry its people those villagers proved the illusion of the UN and the International community like Hassan Nassar Allah's words "there is no such thing "

For those of you who don't know

Marawheen is the name of a village , whose People left it after the Israeli army threats to target the village in a matter of two hours , and thus the villagers left it and searched for a refugee in the UN peace troops , they went to the French

The French said No

Then they went to the Fiji's

The Fiji's said No too

Now the villagers got no place or option except to escape in to other village or to walk in the road to Syada

Two halves they spilt , one half went to a near village "El-Bostan",hided in houses ,Mosques and Housseinyat despite being Sunni , well it doesn't matter what is your religion or race or sex in this war

The other half the doomed , now the chosen one to go to Heaven ,the chosen one who exposed the real face of the UN chose the road to Syada

The clock was ticking and the two hours were finished ,and the Israeli air fighters I can imagine it came as those big black flying creatures from the hell of Mordor Tolkien described in his masterpiece "LOTR: Return of the king"

Honestly the Israeli Air fighter were , they said that they would target, hit and destroy in other more suitable word Kill anything under them

23 civilians mostly Women and Children were burned alive while walking and running , seeking refugee from those dead hawks above them

It is mini Kana Massacre , and I am sure that their blood is a curse not only on the Israeli army but is a curse on the UN

Remember the 15th of July 2006 ,it is the day Marawheen joined the list of Sabra ,Shatila ,Kana, Dir Yassin, Jinin and many many other Arabic villages whose simple people payed the price of being an Arab in a world that hates from inside the Smell of Arabs "with an apology to Nazaar Kabaani"

Oh Nazaar I know if you were living you would wrote wonderful angry poems for Marawheen

Remember Marawheen

BBC coverage in English

French Press agency in Arabic

Al-Jazeera in Arabic

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  1. Can I participate instead of Nizar? Here it’s:

    u know that the Israelis didn’t targeted the village as they warned!! They targeted escaping cars? Can u believe it? They saw people leaving the village like they asked them to, but still they weren’t satisfied. "How can anyone escape from us? What’s the use of destroying an empty village? We must kill as many of them as we can find.", i bet, Israeli pilots said.
    It’s not enough the victims were unarmed. It’s not enough they were escaping. It’s not enough they were about to be homeless. They needed them dead.
    But wait for the end, coz the clock is ticking. But this time it won’t be alarm clock. It’s gonna be sweet resistance bomb in the heart of each Israeli shared in this massacre.

  2. Sure Nuri , it is wonderful
    I just wonder how can those pilots sleep at night with all these horrible images :(


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