Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Shocking Video of the day : What I knew

Do you know when you see a video in the beginning of the day that turns you off for the rest of the day !? This is what happened to me today when I started my day watching a clip showing girls stripped from cloth and on the verge of rape in daytime while men are shouting "Allah Akbar" and "Christians, Christians"
It is terrifying video , shocking one on too many levels. For a girl regardless her religion to face those creatures in daytime while the whole world is watching.For Egyptian I am so disgusted and angry from our men while they would watch such act in front of their eyes.
 For a Muslim to see those bastards that should be hanged according to Islamic laws doing this while screaming "Allah Akbar". I am furious
Anyhow as part of my job and part of myself I began to dig for the truth behind the video and thank God I have a friend from Qena with lots of contact in Nag Hammadi. The first description mentioned below the video claimed that it was filmed in Nag Hammadi. He contacted Bishop Kirollos , the head of Nag Hammadi Bishopric and he denied completely that a similar case took place in Nag Hammadi or its surrounding villages. Bishop Kirollos is known for being outspoken and he was not silent on incidents against Christians.
Some believed that it was an old video from 2009 during sectarian fights in another city , the city of Farshout.
It is worth to mention that the first person to upload that video today was James Knowing ,now the video is removed and his channel does not exist anymore. There is very empty Google + profile for Knowing.

Before closing the channel
His only contact is SickOfThisCrap who is sharing the video. Sick of this crap from the States hates Islam and Muslims to the end of that talk. Of course the video is like a treasure for him.


  1. هى المشكلة انة رفع الفيديو انا ررفعتة و هرفعة مليون مرة خلى الناس تعرف الاضهاد الى بيحصل مع الاقباط http://semsam.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-horrible-proud-muslims-raping.html

  2. ممكن سؤال انا صوت ليك امس فى مسابقة ذا بوبز...... ممكن اعرف اترشحتى ازى؟؟

  3. SickOfThisCrap no longer has the video available, and some YouTubers have taken it down, but at the moment it is still available at these links:




    And Samy Qaid's link still works:


    1. thanks jason lets keep the hatred alive. you are such a good guy

    2. @ Latifa,
      I think Z is showing the ugly side of sectarian violence and it's destructive nature. As for Jason, he is a shit disturber who should concentrate on the shit that goes on in his own country.

    3. Dear Latifa,

      'Sunlight Is the Best Disinfectant'

      If we keep ignoring reality, it will blow up in our faces (as it already has).

    4. It's all Jason's fault, Latifa? Why the hell should Egyptians be protected from having their disgusting behavior exposed for all the world to see? Foreigners have a right to know. And it's not like the douchebags in that video are ashamed of what they did, considering they were chanting "God is Great" the whole time, eh? They want people to know. They're proud of themselves.

    5. >thanks jason lets keep the hatred alive. you are such a good guy

      I think that Latifa does not get it. This is a crime against women be it in 2009 or now. I do not know about the statute of limitations in Egyptian law for such crime but it would not surprise me if it is past the statute of limitations now which means that the rapists got away with it ans shame on the police and the justice system in Egypt

      Is this what you want Latifa that rapists get away with their crimes?

      You do not even care about the real psychological damage that can happen to victims of sexual assault right?

      Again the truth always has to come out even if painful and such video tarnishes as it should the reputation of Egypt

    6. I didn't make any comment pro or con, Latifa. Zeinobia posted a story about it, why don't you yell at her? One of the links she provided was broken, and I provided alternatives. Surely you should thank me?

      I guess you just don't like infidels.

  4. Same revolutionary dignity and freedom Lara Logan got in the middle of Tahrir Square a couple hours after Mubarak resigned. Why does anyone act surprised? This is what Egyptians are like. All that surprises me is that there are still non-Egyptians crazy enough to go to that place on vacation. Or on business, for that matter. Or for any reason, at all. How ignorant and misguided does somebody have to be to travel to a country like that when they don't have to?

    As for the Christians, they better GTFO while they still can. Hopefully, it isn't too late.

    1. No rapists in your country?

    2. Rapists in my country go to prison when they get caught. Also, in my country the police investigate rapists instead of accusing the victims of adultery. And in my country, the government doesn't incite mobs to attack and sexually assault dissidents and religious minorities, nor instruct police to provide the mobs with cover while they do so, and in my country we don't have hundreds or thousands of men standing around cheering (or chanting "God is Great") while other men gangrape women in broad daylight in public places.

      Good effort, though.

    3. You should get your facts straight... Rape is the most underrated and under investigated crime worldwide!

  5. Zeinobia: This video is really disturbing and if there is really justice in Egypt then it should not be activists that are pursuing these criminals but it should be the police and justice system and even Morsi himself and no I do not believe in killing anyone and I think that their ultimate punishment is to be put in jail and get them to be the "bitches" of the other prisoners

    Egypt and the reputation of the people of Egypt has been tarnished enough this week

  6. This was orchestrated in 2009 by Mubarak's State Security thugs during his famous anti-Coptic campaign of 2008-2011 when Mubarak was trying to scare the West about all these scary Muslims and convince the West that Egypt was on the edge of the cliff of Islamist takeover and the only way for the West is to support him. Most of the anti-Coptic sectarian incidents since the early 1990s have been orchestrated by the regime. Deliberately playing up the "scary Muslim savages" syndrome.

    1. Most of the anti-Coptic sectarian incidents since the early 1990s have been orchestrated by the regime.

      Outdated much?

      Deliberately playing up the "scary Muslim savages" syndrome.

      Again, the Islamaphobia angle to shut people up is from 10 years ago. Get with the damn program. You sound like a Code Pink operative who spent the last decade living in a shack in berkeley with no TV and no internet. Is it really that hard to go to DailyKOS and download the updated talking points?

    2. What's the basis for people claiming that video is from 2009? It first appeared on Google+ two days ago, and Google+ wasn't even around in 2009. Somebody has had that video for 4 years on their mobile phone and never bothered to upload it anywhere, but they didn't delete it, either? I don't believe it. If that was shot in 2009 then somebody can point out where it was on the internet in 2009. Otherwise, y'all are just telling tale tales to hide the truth and blame others, as you always do.

  7. so why are you digging this out now and airing it. It is not current news. and of course it will only sow deeper division in society. Is that your aim?

    1. >so why are you digging this out now and airing it.

      Latifa: here we meet again. This is a crime and the criminals got away with it. Is this not a good reason to bring back to the attention of the whole world? and how would yhou have felt if you were the victim of such crime where the criminals got away with it? would you have said that?

      >It is not current news.


      >and of course it will only sow deeper division in society.

      No it does not except in the minds of those suffering from denial and delusions

      Latifa: the truth even if painful is the best and I'm sure if these victims are watching this video they will realize that many human beings share their pain and we did not forget about them

      >Is that your aim?

      And what is your aim Latifa? More lies and delusions?

    2. Shoot the messenger, right Latifa?

  8. Sectarian hatred can be stopped immediately if the Egyptian government led by Morsi uphold & enforce the law like Nasser did during his presidency, unlike Sadat and Mubarak.

  9. >His only contact is SickOfThisCrap who is sharing the video. Sick of this crap from the States hates Islam and Muslims to the end of that talk. Of course the video is like a treasure for him.

    Zeinobia: google plus and youtube remove violent videos and a few months back there was a very violent video of an Indian Muslim who was being tortured by his Saudi employer and it was removed and the account closed

    I think you are missing the point. This is DOCUMENTED violence against women in Egypt and you seem to be blaming the messenger "sickofthiscrap" when you should be supporting the victims of this crime even if it happened back in 2009 because I'm sure that the victims of sexual assault live the trauma every day of their lives

    You are Latifa are women and you should be the first ones to support women that were the victims of such crime and for this I say shame

    I applaud the west for going after the priests that sexually assaulted their victims years after such crimes took place and if the ploce and the justice system in Egypt works then they should find out what really happened to these women

    I'm really shocked that some women in Egypt do not seem to care about the victims of sexual assaults

  10. Zeinobia: It seems that this sexual assault took place in Dayroot and it is still undated and I'm not sure how you got it dated as happening in 2009 and here is from blazingcatfur


    And we all should not forget the man that was killed by vigilantes in el-sharqiyya and even if he broke the law no one should act as judge and jury and kill him because it becomes a crime and here is the video again


    This is a crime and again those that killed this man got away with it

    Shame on the justice system in Egypt

  11. Replies
    1. Jason are you another Tea Party monkey who follows Faux news?

  12. Zeinobia: "His only contact is SickOfThisCrap who is sharing the video. Sick of this crap from the States...."

    He's not from the states. This is what he says in his profile:


    Just a normal guy who is sick of islamic terror on my doorstep

    Date Joined Mar 9, 2010
    Country United Kingdom

    Considering you said you were investigating the source of the video, I would think you're not doing a very good job of it if you can't even bother to read the profile of the guy who uploaded it.

    Zeinobia: "...hates Islam and Muslims to the end of that talk."

    I don't know what talk you are referring to. This is the only (other) upload I can find from him, comparing what's written in the Quran to what's written in Mein Keimph:


    Lets say you're right and he does hat Egyptian Muslims, though. Is there something wrong with that? Don't Egyptian Muslims hate Christians and Jews and anyone else who isn't just the same as they are? It's OK for Egyptians to hate on everyone, but it's wrong for people to hate them back? Not a very logical position, is it?

    As for when the video was shot, until it's proven to be from 2009, I consider everyone claiming it is to be a liar. People are just saying that because they want to cover up the truth, as usual.

    1. FFS, it's not from 2009. Some of you people are talking out your ass.

    2. Check her latest post. She states without reservation it's from 2009, but doesn't tell us why she thinks so other than somebody told her that. I don't know why she even bothers blogging about things if she's going to offer wrong information and dubious anecdotal data, received from random Egyptians, who are probably the least reliable people in the entire world when it comes to relaying factual accounts of events.

    3. As matter of fact dear both Jason and Anonymous this was from 2009 according to Christian activists. By I do not blog lie dear anonymous , while you are sitting on your ass , I was working with sources on the ground on Upper Egypt including the Church itself.
      By the way you don't consider this bad blogging , then do not come back again

    4. As matter of fact dear both Jason and Anonymous this was from 2009 according to Christian activists.

      You ask your friends their opinion about when a video was shot and present it as proof? It's fucking ridiculous you think that constitutes proof, and it's even more ridiculous you consider yourself an investigative blogger and don't realize what you're presenting as proof is nothing more than biased speculation.

      By I do not blog lie dear anonymous...

      You lie all the time. You lied in this post when you said the person who uploaded the video was American, when it clearly said in his profile he uploaded the video from that he is from the UK. How did you possibly miss that? You couldn't have, you just said he was from the US because you hate the US, and you hoped nobody would notice he actually isn't an American.

      ...while you are sitting on your ass , I was working with sources on the ground on Upper Egypt including the Church itself.

      Your sources means your activist friends. That's not proof. And we all saw your due diligence as an investigator when you misidentified the country the uploader of the video is from. How hard is it to look at somebody's profile and correctly identify the country listed on it?

      By the way you don't consider this bad blogging , then do not come back again

      If you want to ban me then do so. Until then I'm going to keep calling you on your bullshit because you've been part of the problem since before the revolution even started, but you keep acting like you're part of the solution. I'll never forgive nor forget your behavior when news of the Lara Logan attack broke. Another episode where you lied, and you even brought in that Temoris Grecko creep to justify making the whole thing go away.

  13. The crime of women's rape happen in every society. While the Egyptian society embraces religion and conservatism on the surface, moral decay and sexual harassment are all time high.

    What makes this clip disturbing that the rape is not committed to random females, but rather selective to females because they are Christians. In a society traditionally suffering from double standards, many women unfortunately are looking to this crime from their religious prism. They don't realize that defending their religion in this peculiar situation amount to defending, or at least being indifferent, to the crime.


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