Thursday, April 11, 2013

How To Start a Sectarian Crisis : Search For Ignorance And Lack of state !!

Now it turns that those who are responsible for the sectarian clashes in El Khousos that led to the death of not less than 6 another round of sectarian clashes in Abbasiya and death of another 2 are two Muslim kids . Yes Muslim kids !!

Ahmed “12 years old” and Saleh”13 years old” were the one who drew the Swastika on the Religious Islamic Azhar institute ‘This was how it started’. The two kids drew the Swastika and wrote their names besides it. They say that they do not know what it really meant. Indeed their names were beside the Swastika with the same color yet nobody paid attention or may be it was only trigger for the anger in the small poor city to explode.

Journalists including dear friends attempting to find the truth went there and found out that there were some kind of sectarian tensions in the area that could have been resolved if there is a true state of law.

Muslims complain that a Christian man from a big family owns the gas cylinder distribution warehouse and they suspected that he was favoring the Christians over the Muslims when it comes to gas cylinders in time of shortage.

Egypt now suffers extreme gas problem and the working poor class is the one that harmed mostly.

They also found out that there was a Muslim man who was harassing Christian lady from a big family there from several months and that the Christian family has not forgotten that yet.

Moving to the Shocking video that spread last Tuesday. Well it turned to be an old video that goes back to year 2009 indeed specifically in the city of Farshout ,Qena.

The infamous sectarian clashes in Farshout  in November and December 2009 sparked when a Christian man was accused of raping a 12 years Muslim girl. This incident led to clashes and displacements of several Christian families. It turned out that members of the girl’s family “or clan if we are speaking in Upper Egyptian term” wanted revenge and waited for Christian women to come out of Church there to attack them barbarically like in attempt to avenge for the girl in the most disgusting way.

Already I know two journalists from there who witnessed the whole thing including a Christian one. .

Whether it is old or new video I believe that those attackers should presented to justice but unfortunately we are speaking about the lawless Upper Egypt.

Now I must say and hint out that many Egyptian Christians were the ones who exposed that this video was old one and that it was extremely alarming to have it now.

I think it will be a sign of end of days when Upper Egypt gives up its tribal clan laws for the state of law for real !!!

If you search deeper you will not find religion is not the problem here as much the lack of the state of law and justice with the spread of ignorance and poverty that produce hatred towards other.

Now speaking about sectarianism for real I think the Muslim brotherhood should do something about their youth who ask people whether they are in favor of searching churches for arms. I also wonder why few days prior to the clashes in Khousos we find Pro-MB figures and members on twitter launching the hashtag of “#Church_Militias” in Arabic on twitter.

I want a real explanation on why the MB members and not leading figures speaking to foreign media responsible for Ikhwan Web speak like that.


  1. You're making a lot of assertions in this post that are pretty dubious, and not offering anything at all, not even your sources, to back up your assertion. You and others who claimed this video was from 2009 were repeatedly challenged to prove it in the last post. You didn't and haven't. In the last post you said you were investigating the source of the video but you misidentified the country of origin from the uploader of the video when the country he's from was right in his damn profile.

    You're attempting to impose your own narrative on people, and you're ignoring any information that contradicts. This is nothing new for you, you were doing it even before the revolution started. It's the way you are, and it's why I say you're part of the problem. Get honest or don't post.

    1. Dear anonymous I do not have to defend myself and if you think I am dishonest you can simply ignore this post and blog. I know the sources very well I used in the post including a reporter of major Egyptian newspaper in Nag Hammadi.
      Anyhow if you do not believe me , you can ask journalist Ishak Assad Ibrahim, he is Christian and he knows the whole incident and he is on twitter.

      If you think I am not honest , You can get the hell out of my blog and search another one.

    2. I agree with Z , get the hell out of her blog!

    3. You made a statement of "fact", with no evidence, and refuse to provide evidence when challenged. Yes, I don't believe you. I said that in the other post that until this video is proven to be from 2009 and not from last week that I consider anyone making that claim to be lying. You made the claim again, still with no evidence, after several people challenged you on it.

      You've been doing this for YEARS. Since you started your blog. You're no better than the people you love to accuse. In fact you're worse because you pretend to be one of the few enlightened Egyptians, when you're not.

      Anonymous, I don't give a flying fuck whether you agree with Z when she's engaged in a propaganda effort or not. Am I supposed to feel intimidated by a mob effort to impose group think? If Egyptians want to be ignorant fools, as it seems they do, it does me no harm. I just want my government to treat Egyptians, including Zeinobia, as their behavior merits.

  2. yes zenobia,a good depiction of facts.The impunity of those currently in power to derive secterian bigotry as the thing deviding egypt is hilarious.What about economic strife,the belittleling of a nation,the selling to the transatlantics by a group that will be tossed over after the detruction happens.Horay to people like that anonymous 4/11/2013 07:26:00 PM,who are enthuisiastically cheering the humiliation of Egypt.Will we rise like the English : “It would be wrong to underestimate the enemy… The English national character has a flaw of putting tradition above all, retaining for as long as possible what might have been right some decades before. But it is possible that in an emergency the British would be capable of letting everything go and becoming surprisingly modern…The British are capable of a complete transformation when thinking that their country is in imminent danger, and ...they are at their most formidable in that situation”.

  3. Zeinobia: I still have to disagree with you. Let us assume that there was no mention of the claim that these women were Copts and that the men never shouted Allahu Akbar. It is still a crime and it is called rape and no decent human being should stand by and let it go.

    So it happened in 2009 so what? and it took place in Farshout so what? and there are claims and counter claims about who did what and to whom again so what? The real issue here women were raped and we have the evidence of such crime taking place! What is left is that the justice system should be doing something about it and bring the criminals to justice

    I'm shocked that women and I include here you and Latifa do not seem to care about the victims of sexual crimes in Egypt

    As for the Copts: It is about time that Egyptians admit at least to themselves that there are hate mongers in Egypt and that we need to teach children in Egypt that hate be it against women or the Copts is not accepted and that hate mongers should be put to shame

    1. Coptic school girls are being kidnapped by Muslim men and forcibly converted to Islam while being forcibly married to their kidnappers. It's been all over the news for years. I never see any Egyptian bloggers talking about that. There was Reuters story just a few months ago of a case where a Coptic girl was kidnapped to Libya where she's being held prisoner. These rapes, bad as they are, don't seem as egregious as what amounts to permanent sexual slavery.

  4. Your hearsay evidence is implausible, Zeinobia. The video is not from 2009. Why did nobody notice it for these past four years? What obscure website hosted it?

    1. Actually the video was spread then in Upper Egypt and it did not make it to Cairo then as things went quiet.
      My hearsay evidence is not implausible dear Jason , the video is from 2009
      If you do not believe me fine ,if you do not believe Christian Church activists fine , if you do not believe the bishop in Qena, fine.
      Do not believe me , I do not care if you and the other anonymous believe me or not because I know how I did my work very well.

    2. Actually the video was spread then in Upper Egypt and it did not make it to Cairo then as things went quiet.

      You're too intelligent to believe that video was circulating anywhere in Egypt 4 years ago but never made it to YouTube or any other video hosting website, not spread beyond the neighborhood where the incident occurred. When you suggest that's what happened, when you know it isn't, you're just admitting that you are deliberately misleading people about that video.

    3. Anonymous do not waste your time and mine go and ask journalist Ishak Asad Ibrahim a journalist and member of the Egyptian Initiative of personal rights about the video
      Then you will come and apologize here

    4. If you're right, Z, you should have no problem using the Wayback Machine or similar service to locate the video in 2009. Crickets...

    5. Now Memri has the video with English subtitles. They published it on April 13, and note that it became available on the Internet on March 10. That's 2013, not 2009.


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