Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Egyptian X-Files : The Fate of Those Men Disappeared in #Sinai

In the early days of the revolution between 28 January and 2 February 2011 three police officers and one policeman “Amin Shorta” disappeared with no trace in North Sinai. The names of the police officers are : Sherif El Madawy “27 years old” , Mohamed El Gohary “25 years old” and Mohamed Hussien “25 years old”.
The three officers
For two years there have been many rumors and theories about the fate of those 4 men. Some say that they were killed , others say that there are kidnapped either by Hamas or Jihadists or Israeli forces or Smugglers. For two years the families of these officers know nothing about them regardless of how much they plead nearly everybody. For two years we do not know if they were dead or not , for two years their families knocked all doors but in vain. They have become one of the revolution’s X-File.
The wives of the disappeared men met with President Morsi last February and all what they got was a presidential to help them in their lives including legal help to get their life on. “Either to get divorce from court or to officially announce their husbands missing officially so they can get married if they want !!!!”
Now last week one of the officers’ wives announced that it is giving presidency , intelligence and ministry of defense a week to declare the fate of her husband and his comrades or she will expose scandals on how the MB infiltrated the intelligence and the army.
Mrs. Doaa Rashad, the wife of officer claimed on TV last week that she got documents on how the MB infiltrated and the intelligence. She said that she got these documents from extremely trusted source.
Doaa Rashad and her claim on ONTV channel last week
Mrs. Rashad is already saying that she knows where her husband and his follow officers are alive. She is claiming also that she knows that they are currently in Gaza in some underground prison after being abducting by Hamas.
Doaa Rashad met with military intelligence officers at the Military intelligence HQ this week and knew from them that the men are still alive !!
Another wife is saying that the men are alive. Mrs. Shereen El Ashry claimed that some high security informed source told her that her husband is alive and that his release will need Morsi’s direct intervention !! According to what El Ashry allegedly was told their location was identified but the army can not do anything to them !!
Of course this claim again indirectly refers to Hamas whether you like or not.
The accusation against Hamas is repeated again with what Al Watan newspaper published last week on how these men were abducted by Hamas and are allegedly kept in street “Omar Al Mokhtar” in Gaza according to some security informed source. The newspaper and its unknown source added that the officers are being used by Hamas as pressure paper against the Egyptian army and intelligence to stop them from destroying the tunnels between Egypt and Gaza.
Hamas officially is denying that it is responsible for the abduction from its die. Some unnamed Palestinian leading figure in unnamed Palestinian group “I will assume it is Hamas” told Ahram Arabic portal that the police officers were actually killed and the army as well the intelligence know that every well. That leading figure added that the officers were killed in some sort of revenge operation thing between the tribes and the police force in North Sinai.
Well I can buy this but I know that the tribes do not kill in secret , also where are their bodies all that time !?
By the way why all the focus is the on the police officers and not on the low ranking policeman who disappeared with them !?
Personally as Egyptian citizen I demand to know the fate of those three officers today before tomorrow. I demand to know the truth as Egyptian citizen from the Intelligence , the ministry of defense , the ministry of interior and the Presidency.
I do not understand why we can not know the fate of those Egyptian citizens, those humans and spare their families all that agony !! I do not care that much now for the on going fight between MB and its branches in presidency and Gaza and the Egyptian National security institutions now as much as I care for those humans and their families. Israel launched a war and exchanged thousands of prisoners for the sake of one person for God sake !!
This is another Egyptian-X file and yet again the answer is surely known for those responsible for our national security.

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