Egyptian Chronicles: Barry and Seniora refuse the French-American project for Ceasing fire and Israel approves it

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Barry and Seniora refuse the French-American project for Ceasing fire and Israel approves it

Today both Head of Parliament Nabih Barry and Prime Minister Seniora refused the French-American project in the Security Council concerning the Lebanese-Israeli War

Barry made a huge attack on it , and he is surely right , as the French-American project of resolution doesn't adopt any Lebanese demand from the seven demands ,Seniora and the Lebanese Government reached to and the resistance of Hezbollah presented by Barry accepted.

It turned out that the Dual project adopts the Israeli-American agenda about the New middle East after all , it is enough to know that the Hebrew state welcomes it so much and the Israeli cabinet approved it , after all What Israel failed in achieving it militarily , it can achieve it by diplomacy and international power.

The French-American resolution :

  1. It doesn't say when the evacuees of South Lebanon will come back

  2. It says the two Israeli soldiers must return

  3. The Lebanese P.O.W problem will be solved through a series of negotiations

  4. The disarming of Hezbollah

  5. It doesn't say anything concerning the Lebanese identity of Shabaa farms or retrieving it

  6. It doesn't say anything about the Israeli Withdrawal from the Lebanese territories , you see Israel failed in occupying major cities and villages , yet it still is considered inside the Lebanese borders and controlled some points

As you see this doesn't help the problem or stop a war ,in fact I believe it creates a problem in its own, Where is Lebanon ? It is all about Israel

Thank God that Seniora refused it, I know Barry would refuse it ,but Seniora ,the man who kissed Condy I was afraid , but it turned out that he is man enough to say no

Barry was the best one to describe this resolution

These points will make us return back to beyond 24th of April 2000 {The date of the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon} and it is even worst

Yesterday David Walsh , the assistant for Condoleeza Rice for the Middle East and the ex-U.S Ambassador in Cairo met with both Seniora and Barry , I felt in his meeting with Barry that something will be wrong from Barry 's facial expression , this man can't hide his expression , I guess after all this destruction to his home in the south he lost this ability of political acting , he already said so in Al-Jazeera interview from two weeks ago

Lebanon refused the project , and France "The idea's thinker" is trying to find a way to make the Lebanese government approve it .

I don't know why I feel that no one real cares for Lebanon in the so called international community , I mean look to the points of this agreement ,I don't find any aid to Lebanon to it , in fact I believe it is for rescuing Israel

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