Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Mubarak : Egypt persuaded Israel not to invade Beirut again

Those bad Lebanese ungrateful people who always attack Mubarak on TVs on a daily basis whether the News-anchor men and women of New TV "Today it was Dalia Ahmed" or the people of the South of Lebanon , those stupid Lebanese don't know that our big man saved Beirut from another land invasion

Thanks to Mubarak Call Centre in Orba Palace Beirut was saved yet all what he gets from you Lebanese are curses instead of thanks !!

Mubarak is a real man who works in silence he saves the day and doesn't say so ,because he is a man !!

Beirut people should make a statue for him ,even bigger than Nasser's

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  1. thank god we have mubarak on our side. can u imagine if this harsh language was targeted at us? oh boy, i'd kneel down and cry as Israelis did.
    It’s always good to have a superhero on ur side
    Let all have 352637 kneels prayer to thank god for this gift.
    U know, we should re-elect this guy for a life time presidency.

  2. So, if we really have such power, and persuade them not to invade Beirut, why can we - for God's sake - ask them to announce a ceasefire!!!!?

  3. @nuri, did we already re-elect this guy for a life time presidency !!??

    @Tarek ,the better question ,if Olmert and IDF were very powerful to invade Beriut how come they couldn't advance more in South Lebanon !!??

  4. here is where i read something about nancy 3agram after our question where is she..

    i do not know if this is enough or not.. but i guess now at least you might cross her from your waiting list

  5. @ it is the logic question Tarek

    @lasto adri, yeah I guess I will cross her from my list now , I will see if this song is available somewhere to see if it is good


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