Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Another Israeli Fiasco in Baalbak

Another fiasco the IDF achieved yesterday to be included to the long list of fiascoes they already made since this war they began from 3 weeks . Today you all read the news and saw it in TVs that the IDF captured 5 elements from Hezbollah from Baalbak city in South Lebanon last night , after very long fight and three failed operations of dismounting. Not that only the IDF aired from not long time ago on TV a film of the operation.

OK Ladies and gentlemen ,this is another fiasco the IDF wants to appear like a victory to deceive the poor frightened people of Israel and says that it achieved some sort of victory.

My dear friends,readers and visitors those captured persons are not Hezbollah elements at all ,they are 5 civilians , 4 of them their ages are above 50 years old and the 5th is a teenager. Father and son , with his brother in law and their neighbour.

One of the captures names is Hassan Diab Nasrallah !! I don't know if the IDF though that he is Hassan Nasrallah the head of the Islamic Resistance of Hezbollah or what !?

They are all civilians ,I believe one of them is a teacher ,the other one owns a shop . This information I took from the following Lebanese channel LBC TV Europe and this is a Christian Channel who hates Hezbollah , so it is not a biased or pro-Hezbollah channel to air false news , they made an interview with Hassan Diab Nasrallah's sister and she told them that the IDF captured her brother and his son , her husband and her neighbour.

I believe this is a shame ,another shame Golani troops achieved when they captured wrong persons and claimed afterwards that they are from Hezbollah but I can understand the reasons of IDF ,we reached the 4 week and still nothing from the goals of the Israeli government was achieved

About the operation film , well it can be easily fabricated ,I admit I am conspiracy theory believer , but we are in war and it has a psychological side to affect both sides whether from Hezbollah songs on Al-Manar TV chanting the end of the Hebrew nation or from IDF film releases. Already the film is foggy ,I didn't understand anything , where they were and they were doing , you know the sort of the American army films in Iraq with a night vision and empty houses , and scenes from above for small tiny movable things in a ground !! really impressive

I always suspect ,in fact I don't believe it .

Simply because in real operation, in a tensive war like in Lebanon , full of land fighting you don't have the time of filming it whether from air or from ground

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  1. This reminds me of the old movies, where USA used to make fun of the German army in WW II.

  2. it is even much more comedy , arresting a guy because he is name is Hassan Nasrallah !!


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