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Why does Israel want to destroy Lebanon ?

Why does Israel want to destroy Lebanon ?

Yes it wants to destroy Lebanon and that is what it is doing now , it is not destroying Hezbollah on the contrary it gave an excellent opportunity to Hezbollah to be from a local resistance group in the south of Lebanon a symbol of resistance in both Arab and Islamic world "my MSN contact is from Pakistan and he uses the yellow flag of Hezbollah as avatar"

Israel right is succeeded in destroying the infrastructure of Lebanon and its economy in a way that the civil war of Lebanon didn't do it , it wanted to destroyed the Political Stability and the unity of Lebanese people ,thank God thousand times until now and we are in the fourth of week of the war this didn't happen ,yet it can happen any time to say the truth.

Here I will talk theoretically of why Israel wants to destroy Lebanon , Yes I know the direct reasons of destroying Hezbollah ,teaching both Syria and Iran a lesson and making a new middle East that Israel sees like this :

Israeli minds with Egyptian hands and Gulf money

Simon Pierce ex-prime minister and current minister , the maker of Qana massacre Vol.1

Interesting Israeli vision for the new middle east , it reminds with Hitler's famous vision on how he will conquer the world

Russian weapons , English minds and Egyptian soldiers

anyway back to my main topic of why Israel wants to destroy Lebanon , and of course behind the Israeli administration there is the American administration.

Israel from its declaration in 1948 ; has the reputation in the west world as a democratic nation surrounded by dictatorships from all sides , it is like an Oasis in a desert , the democracy Oasis I swear I heard that concept in "Global nomad TV show" on the Travel channel once, this is not a lie from their propaganda lies , it is partially right . No one can deny that in Israel there is a democracy , a democracy I admit that we don't have half or even all of it . It is partially right because simply the citizens of the Hebrew state don't have the same treatment, The Israeli Arabs are not like the Israeli Jews , and even in the Jewish society itself the Eastern Jews are not like western "Sephardi vs.Ashkenazim" not to mention of course the treatment of the black Jews "The falashas", this is one ,

It is partially right because Israel is not the only democratic Oasis in the dictatorship desert of the middle east , because on its northern borders there is a big Forest of democracy called Lebanon.

Yes Lebanon I believe is far more democratic because this nation despite the civil war which also Israel had its share in it ; is multi-ethnic religious country , if we compared it to Israel ,we will find that all those sectors are well represented and all their voices are heard.

Lebanon is the only country in the Arab world who has ex-presidents , only two other Arab countries got the title of ex-president but not on election basis like in Lebanon , we got in Algeria Ahmed Ben Bella , who was overthrown and we got in Sudan Sower El-Dahab who left the rule. Other than all the Arab countries which work with the republic system have late presidents not ex-presidents. In the Lebanese Constitution the President stays for two successive periods only ,the only time this amendment was violated was when current President Lahood decided to stay for another period and that was the reason why Late PM Hariri broke his famous alliance with Syria

Anyway back to the democratic Lebanon ,It has the only fair Parliament elections without a need to foreign western supervision ,It has a great freedom of expression and press doesn't even exist in Israel.and this is not only now , it was always ,even before the civil war.Lebanon was a real civil society while Israel in the end is based upon religious state. The Lebanese constitution since the independence in 1946 from France respected the rights of religion sects in Lebanon and they are by far many from the sects in Israel. We got Christians with different Churches , we got Muslims with two different sects and we got the Dorooz ,The system in Lebanon is a Christian President , a Muslim Sunni Prime Minister and a Shiite head of Parliament , and as a democratic country the Prime Minister is not appointed like in Egypt but it is chosen according to the majority of Parliament ,by the way and this is a side remark , I read a strange comment y a Christian Lebanese lady on the interest from two weeks ago calling El-Seniora , the prime minister to be the president !!

This system is very democratic at least from my point of view ,I who live in a country thirsty for this kind of democracy.

I won't discuss the Lebanese internal affairs now before the Israeli war ,but I would like to hint that the Conversation between the different sects mainly the 14th of March and the rest sects mainly Hezbollah and the free Nationalist party was going to be completed on the 18 th of July this year when Israel started the war , the different sects would begin then to discuss the disarm of Hezbollah, the Lebanese hood of Shabaa farms and the Sovereignty of the Lebanese state on the total Lebanese lands but of course Israel is not giving anyone a chance

Now no one denies that the whole world especially the west world , not the United States was surprised with the New Lebanon , the free democratic Lebanon , it brought hope to everyone especially me that People can make the change they want , not the United States or its allies in the region and Europe welcomed it and the influence of people power reached to Egypt . This is I consider a threat to the Hebrew state superiorly in the region , not to forget that Lebanon is the second country after Egypt to defeat Israel and return back its land in 2000.

But to say the truth is that in Israel ,the politicians I believe put the nation before their personal interests and glories while in Lebanon , not all but some like Walid Bek Gombalt put their personal interests and glories before the nation's , by the way people like Gombalt usually had a black past in the civil war and got the title of ex-prince of war are the same people who stand against Hezbollah "going to talk about this later"

Israel and United States don't want a real democratic nations like Lebanon, the democracy they want ,it planned and made in the Oval chamber in the white house, a tailored democracy for their plans and interests not the country any country interest . I said it before and I say it again ,it is not in the interest of both the States and Israel the Arab world has a real democracy in it. A free election based upon people's free choice can bring to the rule some like Chavez in the middle East or even worst another Ahmed Najid in the Arab world , a danger to the Hebrew state. For example all expected that in the next Lebanese presidential election Michael Own will win , this man will be a threat as the late ally of the United States who testified against Syria in the Congress became an Alley to the old enemy ,this is one , number two which I believe is much more disturbing to the Hebrew state ,that the ex-high commander of the Lebanese Army wants to enforce it by merging Hezbullah Military troops to it , disturbing to the Israeli national security , not to mention his intention to raise Shabaa's farm case to IJC , the man is surely pain in the ass , Lahood is much better , as you see this is what a real democracy can bring.

If you watched the Israeli ministers talk and press conference when speaking about Lebanon , they speak about it as if it were Iraq , some dictatorship which at last has a chance for salvation but the retarded elements from those who hate Israel from Islamists and nationalists refuse to give to this golden opportunity .

It is in Israel favour to be the sole democracy in the Middle East and thus to be the victim of dictatorship hate of the surrounding country , this is something I learnt through reading the history

I guess my idea is clear to you now Israel wants to maintain its reputation as the sole Oasis of Democracy and at the same time protect itself from the results of democracies in surrounding country

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  1. Do you think so? Actually, I do not think this is the main reason.
    They may want to take revenge from Hizbullah resistance after beating them in May 2000. They may also want to deliver a message to the other Arab countries, by targeting the weakest link - lebanon has a very weak army, however they didn't expect such response from the resistance there, as well as the other parties in Lebanon which used to oppose Hizbullah ans Israel expected them to be with them, however they didn't. You know that Arabic proverb "Edrab el marboot, yekhaf el sayeb", actually I don't know how to translate it into English.

  2. mmmm. well, tarek. it might goes : hit elmarboot, elsayeb will be frightened.

    @ Z:
    i think answering the big Q "why does Israel wanna destroy Lebanon?" can b coz they r pressured by another blind regime. Bush is cornering everyone with his heavy butt. Israel thought they could prove they r a good participator in the free world if they crush Hezbollah. They didn’t think it over. So they found their selves in one corner pressured with bush’s butt and Hezbollah’s fist.
    what a beating ;)

  3. @Tarek , Lebanon is not the weakest link simply because they have both freedom ,democracy and the existance of something like Hezbollah
    this is just a crazy idea , myself I believe it is a part of the answer, among other parts of the answers

    @Nuri , I don't think Israel is pressured by anyone , they pressure on Bush ,not the opposite


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