Sunday, August 27, 2006

The rush reached to Lybia too !!

This was published last week but i didn't give it much attention , I saw it again as worth mentioning

Mr Seif El-Islam Qaddafi is calling for Democracy in Lybia !!

Yes the son of the mad green dictator is calling for democratic changes in Lybia , for freedom of expression and for freedom of press , bla bla bla this democracy jazz

I don't know are those fooling ?? and I mean by those the generations of president's sons like Gamal Mubarak and Seif El-Islam Qaddafi and before them Bashar El-Assad !!

What democracy they are speaking about ? didn't their daddies already fight democracy and freedom all their lives!!

Anyway Mr Seif El-Islam Qaddafi is joining the waiting list of - the Sons who want to be presidents after their fathers death-the top of the list of course our own Gamal Mubarak in Egypt.

The Republic monarchies , the new Arabic invention

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