Thursday, September 7, 2006

CSI:Manya X-file

Today was the last day in the trial of the so-called the Slayer Bani Mazar in Manya , if you don't remember it and I believe you ,I advise to read my post about it
Today the trial which I would lie if I said all the Egyptians are following because most of them were not ,  were busy in other things from trains crashes to the return of bird flu to their other miseries in life , but at least the people in South Egypt especially in Manya Governorate ,also human rights activists were interested in it. Of course the people of Manya must follow ,it is one of Egypt's most horrible and bizarre mass murder crimes in the modern history , 4 different families were brutally killed in those houses at night , their bodies were disfeatured and parts from their bodies were taking from them ,all this in a very tiny small village . A horrible crime inside the heart of Upper Egypt , the home of revenge ,people there believe in "An eye for an Eye" , Vendetta is like an honor inherited to the following generations, you may agree or disagree but this is our Upper Egypt .
The human right activists and media , of course the independent and opposite to the government in fact also some official newspapers hinted to the case and the mistakes in it . {I still got "Akhbar El-Hawads-Accidents News" special edition about the crime}. The interior ministry did its usual job from arresting a wrong person and forcing him to confess that he made the massacre , of course the excuse was that he was suffering from some kind of mental illness aka crazy !!
It turned out that our police forced him to confess after biting his father whose reached his 7th decade and threatening him by rapping his mother and sister , not to mention the physical abuse the man he faced in the police station .
Luckily for him because he is innocent "yes I do believe in his innocence since day one " MP "Talaat El-Sadaat" became his lawyer and it seemed that president El-Sadaat nephew is as good in court as in Parliament and TV , El-Sadaat as usual turned it to a public show proving the innocence of his client and attacking the Police and interior ministry
Today was the verdict of the Court in Manya :
The verdict was innocence from all charges
He got back his freedom , this man Mohamed , because of the lack and weakness of evidences , look I may not a detective but I read crime detective novels ,my favorite shows are CSI and Crossing Jordan and since day one I couldn't buy that one person can do this massacre without leaving any evidence , the crime scenes were so clean , it is enough to say that there was no blood shuttered in all the victims' places as it should be , their body organs were taking in some kind of operation, some one knows exactly what he was doing , it wasn't a mad man act . Also it was so obvious that our  police and CSI were manipulating with the evidences to prove the charges on Mohamed , for example the "Galbya" of Mohamed they said that they found it in his house with blood on it , the CSI said that there was blood from one of the victims but when it appeared in court and the forensics wanted to analysis it they found out that the blood parts were cut off from the "Galbya" !!!! The CSI said that the parts were damaged because of chemicals !! brilliant I don't know what the police think ?? do they think that the Judges or the public are dump enough??
Mohamed is innocent and escaped the death penalty by a miracle thanks to the God first and the judge.
God bless this judge
By the way this crime the majority of people now in Egypt are contacting it with the crimes of organs traffic which is spreading in the low classes and country side in Egypt due to the hard economic situations nowadays
I remember this from Hala Sarhan's show on Rotana cinema when she hosted both Wael El-Ibrashi and Talaat El-Sadaat and the later told her that he knew that it was an Organs traffic case as he got information that the Penis of one of the victims is sold and working fine in Tel Aviv !! I won't ask how he knew or anything but how he knew that it is working fine in Tel Aviv  !!?? this guy is ........I don't know but I like him he is cool so cool. By the way this is two parts show, part 2 was never shown till now
P.S Wouldn't be less embarrassing to the police ,if it took the hard long way and did their job as they should  even for long time but to reach to the real murderer ?? Now forget about it didn't become a CSI file but an X-file
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