Egyptian Chronicles: Tagged again

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tagged again

My dear friend Tarek had tagged me again this time it is very easy tag

What are my top 12 blogs ??

  • Dr. Ramy's famous blog , He is busy now but still one of my favorite because Dr Ramy was the first real Egyptian blogger I know and he was the first to introduce me to the wonderful world of Egyptian blogsphere
  • Tarek's famous Green Data blog , always busy and full of wonderful posts about everything , Tarek also is my friend and a very active Egyptian blogger
  • Muktar El-Azizi famous blog , I love it really ,you must enjoy it , it is always updated , covering many topics , wonderful and also Dear El-Azizi is one of the few men who stood with our dear Laila
  • This is one of the most beautiful blogs I have seen on the internet , I swear the designer can reach the fame of Moxie girls if he opens his special blog designning , not only the design which captures you ,but also the content of the blog ,it is not a personal or political blog , it is open book for Arabian Nights alike Tales , it is more like Kalilah and Damenah , an epic tale its heros from animals , written by Zaryab from Alex , this is one of the best blogs in the Egyptian blogsphere ....Highly recommended
  • a very interesting blog about a young Muslim in the United States , one of the problems of Muslims now that they don't consider their culture and national differences , I released while browsing this blog , by the way this guy loves Sami Yusuf
  • From the famous ladies of the Egyptian blogsphere , she says she doesn't know, but she seems to know everything , I like her and I like her blog , she was from Laila's mothers by the way
  • He is an Egyptian in USA ,but he still in Egypt's with his thoughts , really Egyptians don't leave Egypt easily :)
  • He is from the men that don't know the impossible , from Cinema to Art to Politics , a wonderful blog , and by the way it seems that we got a celeb her , an indie celeb that suits the nature of blogging:)
  • Here is a guy whom I share with my love to history , do you see our royal flag ?? Full of history and news
  • Another Egyptian in the USA , wonderful blog that covers most of the time politics , well most Egyptian blogs do so , we Egyptians like politics, also you can find interesting stuff about Muslims in the US
  • Aisha's live space , now it is not updated like before because Aisha returned back to college again, but if you browse in the space , you will find wonderful treasures of knowledge
  • Eman's wonderful sweet thoughts blog, it is not updated frequently ,but she updates ,she always surprise me with wonderful piece of words that come closer to poetry

Here is my 12 top blog , there are others whom I always visit as I depend on RSS reader in Opera and IE7

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  1. i do not seem to find the links to these blogs zenobia .. may you please do :)

  2. Zenobia,

    Many thanks for your nice words.

  3. Ah! i've been there!!!

    there is something in my browser, and do not seem to get the urls

    by chance discovered myself in thelist

    i like you too ya zenab.. i bet you know that :)

  4. Dear Zeinab, am profoundly grateful to you for having such appreciation for my humble blog. Thanks alot! I like your blog and hope you continue writing here as well as thinking about launching an arabic blog as well.

  5. Dear Mukhtar ,you don't have to thank me , because really your blog is the best ,and inSh Allah I am thinking seriously of writing in Arabic

  6. I can't see the links too, seems that there is something with my browser too.

  7. tarek ,click on the photos , they are linked , there is nothing wrong in your browser , it is image hosting site :(

  8. Zeinobia,

    Thank you for your kind words, very much appreciated. Your blog is great too, keep up the good work.


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