Egyptian Chronicles: More media coverage on the Downtown Sex Outrage

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More media coverage on the Downtown Sex Outrage

Since Mona El-shazely opened the taboo and more people from the media are putting the incident under the spotlight

Here it is the BBC Coverage in Arabic :

Also there is coverage from Newspapers at last in Egypt :

  • Al-Masry Al-Youm "Egyptian Today" , an independent daily

                       - Sahar El-Mogy 's article 

                       - Nabil Sharf El-Din's article

Of course the rest of the newspapers didn't open its mouth for now unfortunately especially the official governmental newspapers , yet today in Rosa El-Youssef Daily there was a great attack on bloggers especially Wael Abbas that he is a liar who is spreading lies about Egypt and we are bad geeks who hate this country to the end of this rubbish words , well I won't expect more of Karam Gabr after he already insulted us the Egyptian bloggers before and he is a very rude person and a liar too ,ironically he said in his column which I doubt anyone reads after all that Mona was crying and had tears in her eyes on a false incident , strange thing Mona El-shazely didn't cry a single tear , nor it was a false incident overestimated by couple of opponents of the regime !! What about the testimonies of the shop keepers and owners who said that they saved several girls and hided them in their shops and crazy sex manaics were going to break in their shops !!!

You can see and read the column here


Click on the square

Updates : For successive days Mr. Amr Adib discussed the issue on Cairo Today daily show on Oribit Network

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  1. Don't know if anyone has discussed this yet, but apparently a similar mob attack happened in New York City's Central Park in 2000. CNN article.

  2. strange ,so it is not the first time in history
    thanks Marcia ,for the link I will post in a seperate post
    thanks Marcia :)


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