Egyptian Chronicles: Another Gemayel killed : Lebanon on fire

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Another Gemayel killed : Lebanon on fire

Some families are just doomed really you know like the Kennedys in the United States , and also like the most of the political ruling families in Lebanon ,and thus the Gemayel family is not an exception at al.
In fact the Gemayel family more than any political family in Lebanon is a target for revenge for its long history in the civil war as this family got blood in any all tribes. During the civil war Bashir Gemayel made so many enemies including in his own Christian Maranoite sect.
Yet that doesn't mean that Pierre Jr Gemayel should be or deserved to be killed like this in the terrible way , terrible easy way , of course he wasn't killed because of his old family legacy , the young minister of industry and the son of former President Amin Gemayel I guess was killed for something bigger and much more dangerous than a family legacy
Since I received the news on news bar about 4 PM Cairo local time and I stayed on Al-Jazeera and the Lebanese Channels , fortunately Ghassan Ben Gaddo ,the head of Al-Jazeera bureau was in Qatar and he gave excellent explanation to the current situation in Lebanon, LBC was the only Lebanese channel on Nilesat which covered the incident from the beginning from inside the hospital where the body of Gemayel was transferred , of course I believe Lebanese channels covered the whole incidents better than the satellite ones
Anyway The incident itself is strange in the middle of day Pierre JR got shot in his car and with couple of his followers and also some civilian passers by and then the hitman just vanished and no one arrested him .Gemayel was transferred immediately to the nearest hospital and there he died because of the implications of his injuries ,I believe in his brain
Look I am here trying to understand something I don't understand it
First why the people on LBC insist that he was driving a Land rover ranger car while in all photos it was KIA??!!
Second about the murder or assassination itself , Look I am not an expert in security stuff and
all my knowledge I take from CSI and similar shows but from the early images of the car ,there are some enigmas :
  1. The holes in the Car glass from the bullets show that the shooter was so closer ,too close , in fact I believe he put the gun barrel on the window and fired his gun , see the circles on the glass this was from very very short range , because from a far distance a bullet can make more damage on the glass , now to an assistant to kill from this distance , he must be very comfortable ,confident ,quick and sure that there would be no resistance what so ever would meet him
  2. Of course with the number of the bullets I will say it is a machine pistol
  3. According to the AP report a car hit the back of Pierre's car and some one came out from it shot him then runaway, I don't believe it this ,it can't be the blue car , it could be the car that hit Pierre's car from the front , already you see the damage from the front that can cause a paralysis to Pierre's car
  4. Here is the Scenario a fast strong car hit the KIA , someone comes from it as fast as lighting and bang bang bang as fast he can to kill Pierre and his followers ,then he goes back again to the car and run away
  5. Of course the assistant won't be working alone and one of the witness said that they were three , well I believe one or two from the shooting ,from every windows and one was driving.
  6. That can be excellent regular assassination scenario ,in fact it is easy successful plan ,but something is wrong
  7. It was in the day light ,in the mid of the day , there was light ,there was people and despite this no one had stopped the incident , and no one had a specific description to those who did that crime "yes it is a crime"
  8. This guy was a minister , the industry minister , ministers in the Arab world usually go everywhere with mini army troops of security body guards and according to what I know from that ministers and opposition leaders in Lebanon don't move without body guards especially after the assassination wave of last year , especially the ministers of the 14th of March group who are always saying day and night that they are on the -to-be- assassinated list especially from the Christian group where were those body guards?? where were the security forces accompanying the minister?
By the way it was a surprise to me to find the ex-interior minister Soliman Franjiah asking the same question in a blame to the current to the Lebanese cabinet and interior minister
Look this is for now ,stay for more coverage
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  1. Dear zainobia I kind of disagree wiyh you> I heard Rima Maktabi mentioning that the ambulance came "late"....!!!.In addition the machine pistols shoots at least 50 bullets per second the holes are a maximum of 15-20 ,besides the early news from Rima matai also(the reporter from Alarabia TV)mentioned that it was pistol with a slincer>I think it is probably Israeil who excuted while America planed

  2. I don't why disagree with me ya O2a the information you mentioned proved there is something fishy ambulance comes late to the scene!!
    check the machine pistols in wikipedia ,you will know that it is not only 50 bullets per second
    also the slincer can be put on a the machine pistol , anyway I was mistaken I meant the automatic pistol you know automic reload
    anyway Isreal and America are the main suspect and I will say why soon

  3. Dear Zainiobia ;I ment that this the act is of a very highly trained person,meaning Israeil in particular(remmber the assassination of Abo Gehad in Tunisia),the assassin came so close in cold blood and shot him and in addition he escaped and the minister was left to bleed to death ,it looks af if he got help from the inside.Anyways America will frame Hezboallah and Syria inspite of the fact that they probably planned the assassination.THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW MIDDLE EAST AND CREATIVE CAEOUS.


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