Saturday, November 11, 2006

The greatest evidence of all , you can't deny it

First of all thanks to goes King Akhanton for shooting this golden footage from his balcony in Talaat Harb street ,Downtown Cairo , the second or the third of the feast. Dear Mr Sherif lives in New York currently and is studying in Rochester institute of technology,he was visiting Egypt during the feast , not that feast in last month , no unfortunately it was the feast in January 2006 that as I recall it correctly it was the "Eid El-adah" , so according this shocking date ,it happened before

It happened before in the same street and area , Talaat Harb Street , in front of Metro "Cinema" in Downtown Cairo , and the police also saw what happened and stood still , just like spectator , even a silent one who doesn't protest or even sheer !!!!!

Ironically King Akhanton was taking some footage and still images for streets to show his American friends how crowd is the streets in Eid but instead he found this moral disaster!!!

God bless Akhanton/Sherif

I will leave you with the footage


p.s : this week I found lots and lots of horrible videos on Youtube about............. what can I say

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