Monday, November 27, 2006

Was spy murdered in Russian power fight? Think in the same way about Lebanon

read it again and again

you know I feel they are thinking in the same way I think about the  assassinations in Lebanon .

Logic it can't be the first suspect whether it is Putin in the Spy radiation or Syria in the assassination , it is too obvious plus both of them won't get a real benefit from these operation ,from getting rid of their opponents in that open way in the day light

in fact they get more and more bad publicity

It is as referred in the CNN title it is a power fight whether internationally in the case of Syria with different countries in the background or internally in the case of Russia and that inside conflict

You know intelligence services in those kind of countries and regime , the dictatorships usually use the quiet technique in getting rid of their opponents whether by blackmailing or by other quiet methods like poison or gun silencer hash hash in the middle of the night

You know in the time of President Nasser and legendary head intelligence Salah Nasr they imported from Afghanistan a special kind of poison that doesn't appear in the autopsy , not fast one after three-four hours it starts to work , they used to put in the Guava juice  ,many were killed in that era because of it ,on the top of the list Abdel Hakim Amar

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