Sunday, December 31, 2006

From Abdul Karim Qassim to Saddam Hussein live execution "Graphic"

My late Grandfather may Allah bless his soul in those blessing days didn't forget I believe till the day he died that moment in Iraq when he had watched the execution of Abdul Karim Qassim live on TV, he was in Iraq covering the military coup led by Abdul Salam Araf better known as the coup of February the 8th 1963 for a famous Egyptian political Magazine then.

He told me that he was staying in the hotel when he received a phone call from an Iraqi friend telling him to open the TV immediately
Already Iraq was the first country to have TV since 1958, not Egypt "in 1960" as it is widely known, of course my country expertise went beyond Iraq's TV, anyway my granddad opened the TV and he found a special broadcast.
"After a few moments, we will be airing the execution of the traitor Abdul Karim Qassim and his companions"
Just less than a few seconds
Abdul Karim and his companions appeared wearing military suites sitting in what appeared to my granddad as a Studio "he was right, they went to the television building at that time, there were no external units I believe available then".  The former president and his companions were sitting on chairs bravely waiting for the rifles targeted towards them to open their fire.
and suddenly.

"Bang, Bang, Bang"
A live massacre on TV, my Granddad was shocked, despite he covered many wars from 1948 to 1956 to Lebanon 1958.

 He was shocked, he couldn't speak for minutes, only looking at the death scene in front of him, the camera was going around the dead bodies here and there. It wasn't a few moments he went to inform Cairo, yet he was surprised to find censorship on the news then in the official media.

Yes, the Egyptian people knew from our newspapers, radio and TV that Qassim was executed but not on TV nor the photos of his execution were published, the Egyptians knew about that from international radio stations like BBC and Monte Carlo
Here is the photo of the execution, I warn you it is not nice, "damn it you already see it"

What happened to his dead body was a disgrace and a scandal, it is said to be taken from his tomb for three times, till it found its place in the river Tigris as it was known, already some radio station claimed otherwise

I remember my grandfather when I kept watching the news last night till the morning when they announced that the Iraqi government is going to release footage for the execution of Saddam, it was so strange.
Saddam may have the same fate as Qassim.

Yes they didn't show the execution live on-air and yes they didn't show the actual hanging till death, but they showed enough, already CNN was scared when they were airing the footage of Saddam Execution that it would contain the death scene, "We don't what they are going to air in Iraq but we will cut it", an anchorman said so, already the western media knows that Iraqis got an experience in the Live execution broadcast thanks to Qassim's execution.

It is very very interesting to know that Saddam was among the young officers who were participated in the coup in 1959 against Qassim that didn't work and he had to escape to Egypt, which was said then was behind that coup "The Nasser wonderful era" !!

Already Saddam is lucky than Qassim, who was better than him 100 times from what I knew from the Iraqi sources, but he was lucky because his dead body is already sent to the tribal leaders in Tikrit to be buried in his home village of Al- Awja "already happened with the approval of G.W.Bush"

Well, it seems that they didn't send to his daughters to be buried in Yemen earlier by their request or even in Ramdy as wished later.

You can see his last minutes before the execution here

updates"31/12": it seems that Saddam is not less than Qassim as today the complete execution recording appeared on the net and Arabic news channel, it was shot by a mobile phone
the photo quality is not that great but it is touchy, really I advise you if you don't like death scenes or don't have nerves for it, not to watch it, I took it from forums, the young men there mostly Egyptian teenagers consider Saddam as Martyr !! I uploaded to Youtube but it is still processing till now from 4 hours or even more, so I uploaded it to MSN Soapbox also for now, sorry for any trouble for now "shocking scene, take care"
Another update: here it is my page, no more processing
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  1. What Saddam helped to do to Kassim was done to him. May your hopes for a better Eqypt come in your life time.

    Roy from Canberra

  2. gaza......suck my dick


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