Monday, January 29, 2007

Back again and back to Palestine also

I am back again after some time I spent in front of my computer installing and moving programs and files ,it was a real pain to start from the scratch again ,anyway c'est la vie

Back again to blogging the last 24 sorry 48 hours many things happened in Egypt and the middle East

Palestine is back on fire again , Fatah and Hamas are leading a civil war in the remainings of Palestine ,it seemed the Palestinians are always promised with agony with from the Israelis or from their Palestinians leaders themselves

"Hamas" and "Fatah", as usual "Fatah" wants "Hamas" to leave the cabinet , well not only "Fatah" but those behind it from the United States and Israel , you know I think I said it before here but I will say it again , why don't the United States respect the choice of the Palestinians people ?? they chose "Hamas" in a democratic elections ,we in Egypt wish that one day have an election like it , so why don't they back off ?? already "Hamas" can be reached out through dialogue and it is enough the confession of "Khaled Mashal" last month that "Israel is reality and that Hamas will recognize it as soon as the official State of Palestine is announced "

It is so silly when the American administration makes a research to find why the Palestinians insist on burning the American flag in every protest if the American administration insists on supporting corrupted party or movement like "Fatah", "Fatah" is so so corrupted and Ironically after the winning of "Hamas" I thought that "Fatah" will change its ways and change the old faces that the Palestinian people mistrust and hate but they didn't it because they hoped to return back in rule with the help of their American friends forgetting an important fact ,they may return back in rule but they won't return back to control the people.

There was an American plan last February 2006 beside the famous the blockade policy,that American policy is the reason behind all that fighting ,it   by the last Neocon standing in the American administration "Mr. Elliott Abrams",the Deputy of National security advisor.

Mr. Abrams according to the Conflicts forum report issued earlier this month , wanted to make a hard coup in Palestine to remove the leaders of "Hamas" by a violent way through arms supplied by the U.S.A ,his supporters in that plan were Palestinian businessmen and with out guessing those businessmen are mostly from "Fatah" members who were making lots and lots of profits through their positions. And since last years members of Fatah were trained in "Ramallah" and "Jericho", American arms and ammunition were supplied in the time Palestine needed food and medicine in a desperate need,not that only that , wait for another dirty shock Egypt and Jordan had their share in that dirty plan ,oh yes "Fatah members" were trained in Egypt and Jordan , of course both countries mainly Egypt realized the mistake they made in following or taking roles in that uncivilised dirty plan pf Abrams , yet to say the truth I don't believe Egypt was much involved in training the militias of "Fatah" like in Jordan and my evidence is the excellent relations between Egypt and "Hamas" and it is enough to see the grin of "Ismail Hanya" with "Omar Soliman" in the intelligence headquarter to know that .

This "Hard coup" policy or plan is a favorite way for Abrams who already was playing this dirty game in South America for years but this proved to be a big failure and the last failure was the Venezuela Coup in year 2002,many claims that this coup was linked to Bush administration and to Abrams in particular ,you know this policy proved to be a big failure as now the socailists began to take control again.

Well the same failure will happen and it is already happening in Palestine ,first of all the major of allies of the United States from Arab Countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia don't want a civil war in Palestine ,it is enough to read today the invitation of King Abdullah of KSA to "Fatah" and "Hamas" to come for neogatiation in Mecca , it is enough to know that Egypt warned "Fatah" from "Dahlan" and ordered them to hide him , even Jordan ,the oldest ally to the west ,it is since the founder of the Jordanian kingdom , Jordan doesn't want a civil war in Palestine because it will be transferred to them with the great big palestinian community there.

It is very dirty plan , because the only victim ,the only loser is the Palestinian people , look to the daily blood river running in Palestine ,I don't know what the United States want to achieve but this civil war policy won't reach to anything.

Suddenly "Fatah" forgot the real enemy who is taking more and more from the palestinian land by the disgusting wall and now "Hamas is the ultimate war , it is very sad

Anyway I wish that the two teams will go to Mecca ,already I believe "Hamas" will accept the invitation immediately , by the way the Gulf countries got excellent relations with "Hamas"

Fatah shouldn't trust the Americans so much because Abrams plans didn't do much in South  America

Oh before I go do you know that there is a talk that Israel would release "Marwan Barghouti" from Jail in order to have a popular trusted face in "Fatah" so they can win "Hamas" , of course I don't "Barghouti" would accept this deal with his history , but this shows important fact "Fatah" is not that popular now they need people like "Marwan" to bring people to their side again,people don't be fooled with the big "Fatah" rallies


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