Tuesday, January 23, 2007

They Closed the streets ....They turned off the streets lights

They Closed the streets

They turned off the streets lights

They planted the cannons

They left the yards

Where are you my love ? Far away my love

We became the screaming love

We became the faraway distances

Fairoz in 1990

I remember this Fairoz song when I saw the news today coming from Beirut whether online or on TV.

Today was the day of the general strike led by the opposition aimed to down the Seniora's cabinet

The same old talk of the Seniora and 14th of March on one side and the opposition of Hezbollah and Aoun and co.

It was supposedly to be a peaceful general strike ,I couldn't imagine that what happened today from clashes and fires would happen even after Nasrallah's word yesterday

But to say the truth in Lebanon , you must know that for the moon there is another dark face

Today the roads were cut , cars and tires were burned,clashes happened between the people and between the security forces from the armies,many are injured and two are dead updated : they are 6 now

The media whether Arabic or western they made it as the opposition fault ,in Yahoo! News they made it as Hezbollah own making ,Hezbollah led the protests as the opening words of the article

I am sorry but from watching the news in New TV and Al-Jazeera Arabic coverage not the English , the Free Patriotic movement is much more involved in the clashes, if you think more in it ,Hezbollah's supporters are in the south and certain areas in Beirut , the roads were cut off in the south ,plus I don't think that Hezbollah got influence in the Christian areas in the south like El-Matan or Kasrwan "sorry if I misspelled them" , they were from Aoun supporters ,I don't know why they insist of labeling the opposition with Hezbollah as if they want to scare the west from it

Anyway if you check the version of Aoun Supporters in their official Website that most of the clashes started by the Army and the 14th of march especially from the old phalanges and Lebanese forces ,not to mention the future movement.The supporters of Aoun reported back to their headquarters that the supporters of the government from the future movements and Lebanese forces opened their fire on them and they had to defend themselves,you can check the images below

already I admire the live update they are doing in their Website ,here is a journal about what happened in Lebanon from the Lebanese Patriotic movement side of story,unfortunately it is in Arabic ,some wrong in their English translation ,in such cases they must do it manually

Anyhow before I will go now to check the news I want to say something

Sometimes when People especially the working class loses hope and sees a blocked road ,they become desperate and would do anything ,those people who burned and damaged and destroyed before cursing them are so desperate from a terrible economic and political situations ,economic more than political

N.B:All those pictures here are from the wonderful cameras of the LPM Website


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  1. It was prepared to show the prime minister that more than 50% of his country are against him and his policy is leading to chaos....this is democracy.....People should learn from the aounist.


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