Monday, February 19, 2007

The Canadians on the Egyptian Spy

You know I was interested in knowing the Canadian respond on the case of the Egyptian Spy El-Attar especially that he lived and worked in Canada and took the citizenship in last November 2006.The Canadian respond was important to me because already in this espionage case there are two wanted Israeli Mossad officers who are now in Canada and Egypt requested the Interpol to arrest them .

Already as soon as the case was announced the Israeli Security Minster traveled from the United States to Canada and began visits to the Jewish lobby there saying that Egypt fabricated the whole case to the end of this talk

Already the Israeli Minister went to Canada as soon as he could to avoid any diplomatic crisis between his country and Canada ,you see Canada warned Israel before from using its land and id in its secret service operations.

Anyhow after one week the new Canadian respond began to take shape

First of all there is no extradition agreement between Canada and Egypt, so Israel would calm down now  ,already I expected this and even if there were an extradition agreement the Mossad Israeli trio won't be delivered in Egypt whether dead or alive ,Israel won't let its men fall like Azzam Azzam again ,come in early 1973 they bombed the famous flight of TV host Salwa Hagzy from Libya because they knew that inside of it a Mossad agent arrested and was on his way to Cairo. They can sacrifice 100 of El-Attar but not a Secret service officer , anyhow as I said before I know that was going to happen and already I believe both the Intelligence and General attorney knew that was going to happen , the publishing of the names and nicknames of the trio-Mossad officers were to uncover them only.

Second of all believe or not Now the Canadians start the blaming game not with Israel which used its land and id threatening the national security of other countries from it no , it is Egypt who is to be blamed this time

First of all officially the Canadian government didn't say anything till now ,it only watches.

The second part of the post depends on the Globe and Mail articles and you have to register for free and to read them all and I recommend to do this

Second of all it is not the Canadian government only who watches but also the Amnesty International Canada ,which despite it didn't announce anything officially as the only news related to Egypt in their archive now is about the Massacre of the Sudanese refugees last year but some where I read in some Canadian Source that the vice head of the Amnesty International Canada said that the organization is watching the incident carefully and that they are afraid that the confessions were taken under torture !! I am afraid this is the version which will be heard soon too often to defend the Spy abroad , the human rights bloody game already in one of Canada' famous Newspaper "Globe and Mail" which is my primary source here ,I found this interesting article related to the Spy under the title "Confession likely obtained through torture, experts say" ,already you will find an interesting name here in the article "Mamdouh Ismail" who is definitely sure that the guy was mistreated , for God Sake he is a traitor do you expect him to have a 5 stars treatment ??!!

Anyhow it makes me sick when I read the article from one thing , the misconception between the Egyptian Police and the Egyptian Intelligence , in fact the second headline in the article is "Egyptian police brutality ' just systematic'" !! I don't know if the correspondent is fool or the Egyptians speaking in the reports are playing the role of fool , this is not an Egyptian Police case , the Egyptian Police had nothing to do with it , it is a national Security case led and operated till now by the Egyptian Intelligence I swear it is the Egyptian intelligence which is headed by the Peace and negotiation number 1 advocate General Omar Soliman , who no one in Egypt from those speakers can say anything about directly including the Journalist who wrote this article.You know it is like giving the missions of the C.I.A to the F.B.I !! The Egyptian Intelligence is like the C.I.A

You know I swear I saw this coming as a result of the bad reputation of the Egyptian Security abroad thanks to the Police Brutality , really it makes me sick ,so sick , when the UNCHR spokesperson says to the Globe and Mail that Mohamed Essam Ghoneim el-Attar is acknowledged to be at risk of persecution in Egypt !!! Really if the Police stops the brutally all those tongues will be shut up and don't dare to speak one single letter that suspect the case

Already the big surprise is from EL-Attar family believe or not despite I don't justify treason at all , but I think that young man was the victim of his family whether his father's or his mother's , you remember his father's family attack on him and the promises of the father to kill if he is proven to be guilty and the uncle attack on him in media , well guess what the Uncle is asking the help of Canada as  he is a "Canadian after all !!"

Strangely the Globe and Mail found a Woman in a Vancouver who believes she met El-Attar at her church in 2003 and despite her belief that he couldn't be a spy yet she felt something strange about him , Anne-Rose Sims knew him as "William" and he also told her a story that she doubted immediately that he had gotten a Christian cross tattooed on his arm, which prompted his Muslim father to lock him in the house and that he jumped through a window to get away, driving his family's BMW right to the Cairo airport !! I know where the doubt came , it came from the "BMW" and "right to the Cairo airport" not to mention his disappearance and the Egyptian Christian professor who found him "Strange" ,You know it is enough to read Mrs Sims testimony and she is Canadian to feel that something fishy about El-Attar especially when you know that in the official reports of the National Security in Egypt that El-Attar spent 6 months in Vancouver before moving to Toronto

Link to Egypt trailed alleged spy for years: transcript

Not that only now the columnists and writers in Canada are wondering how could "Cairo Secret agents" spy on Canadian Citizens ?? I am sorry but El-Attar only took the citizenship in last November 2006 ,while the Surveillance of El-Attar or knowing his activities by the Egyptian authority was from 2002 or 2003 , I am sorry but Canadians should be very thankful that the Egyptian intelligence now don't use the old techniques of the coffins and they respect now the protocols ,in 1960s ,they didn't care much for the protocols and the sovereignty of the other countries , spies were arrested in other countries and brought to Egypt drugged in coffins ,yes in coffins and they were transferred as dead people par Avion , the famous two known examples were the famous Salwa Hagzy airplane in 1973 which I mentioned earlier and it was bombed because an Israeli Mossad officer was lying sleeping in a coffin , on that plane there was the foreign Libyan Minister who was a very dear friend to My Grand father , to a very near time the reason why Israel bombed this plane was an enigma till Dr. Nabil Farouk , the famous espionage writer revealed the dirty secret , not this incident in 1960 the famous National fencing team Egypt Air flight was bombed coming from Rome to Cairo because of one of those coffins , also Nabil Farouk revealed that dirty secret and My Grand father hinted to me as he was going to be one of the passengers but he missed the flight thank God 1000 times ,in fact my Grand father was from the earliest Journalists who covered the incident from Rome ,of course back then they didn't know why or may be he knew the reason but kept it as a secret till he died ,already I knew the truth after his death may Allah bless his soul. Well it is not the Egyptian Intelligence who used to use that technique , in fact the C.I.A is still using it and Emam Abu Omar is the best example ,kidnapping him from Italy ,come on at least we stopped using this technique .

Canadians should n't speak about the Surveillance of Canadian citizens ,I am sorry but our secret agents don't go any Canadian citizens ,they go behind those who knew that they are planning or doing something that will or is hurting Egypt and thus they must be stopped , it is not Egypt alone that does so , All the countries around world who have an active national security system do the the same including Canada and the United States above all.Already the government in Ottawa didn't comment on anything till now because it knows very well what Egypt did is legal ,Egypt did the job according the book too much ,I mean if you don't give damn to the Sovereignty of Canada he would suddenly disappear since 2003 at least he would n't have recruited those Arab and Egyptian spies they are speaking about now , but we had to wait all those years till he came to Egypt to the Egyptian sovereignty to be arrested.

I am sorry but we are not to be blamed in protecting our country but it is Israeli is the one who to be blamed , Israel is one who are using Canada and its citizenship system to recruit spies from the Arab communities there ,Israel is one who is creating diplomatic crisis between Canada and other countries .We have the right to defend ourselves. I wonder why those writers don't blame the Americans and the C.I.A for their real dirty techniques , at least we don't make coups and bring dictators because of some economic resources , we don't bomb innocent people some far away country because of some terrorists suspected to be there, all what we do is protecting our country and its future in the most suitable available way and this we don't be blamed for


  1. You're so delusional or someone is purposefully feeding you bullshit and you're just taking it!

    You have to realize that an external observer will see all the security forces (secret or otherwise) as the Police! Intelligence or not, it's still the police!

    I'm convinced now that there is a lot more than meets the eye, and you would be a fool not to realize that too

    The Egyptian intelligence are lying and falsifying statements, the Mossad are doing the same thing. And only people like me and you are left out in the dark speculating! You thinking oh how Glorious the stupid intelligence are... while I feel ... cheap dirty tricks!

    I already know what your response is going to be, since you're so passionate about this matter. Yet this is EXACTLY why you should stop, think and understand that something is REALLY stinking in this matter!

  2. You know I am not delusional and no one is feeding me bullshit please choose better words
    I don't think that loving a country and trusting its army and intelligence is a bullshit especially when its army and intelligence are real ones not a decoration

    I am sorry but abroad they know very well the difference between the intelligence and the Police and they say other than that ,they are playing the fool in order to underestimate the intelligence ,to give the reader a wrong image

    I don't expect you to understand either as I said before all your intelligence services are made to oppress people to protect your rulers as its first mission,in fact I am not surprised

    By the way just a little piece of information one of the officers of the Egyptian intelligence service saved the life of your king when he was baby

  3. Of course you're going to brag about the stupidity of the Egyptian secret services which for the most part were directed inwards towards it's own population.
    It's the most absurd argument that "x is doing a better job than Y"

    What I see is just a bunch of corrupt officers, most don't even have a moral compass, and have no respect to human life or rights.

    You're very delusional to think intelligence is working to protect you!
    Unless you're one of the beneficiaries of the system, and would therefore be one of the very FEW who actually benefit from it!

  4. Ok I am deluslional person because I do believe we have a real intelligence service and a real national security instution and a readl army
    At least they got a real history and they are considered one of the top intelligence service , at least we got successful spies ,successful operation and successful intelligence that informed the C.I.A of 9/11 before its time one week
    You know I am not surprised , may be because I know very well the meaning of the intelligence officer in the minds of the majority of the Arab world, the corrupted inhuman person who steals from the other and uses his position , well this legacy of the secert service I know it very well from shami poetry of Nizar Kabani and Mohamed El-Magoot

    How do you think that we had a victory in 1973 ??
    do you think we could have crossed this great water barrier and destroy the world greatest forts ever made with the obstacles if we do have the intelligence serivice you are speaking about??

    and believe me I am not angry from you because misconcept between the State security and national security well many Egyptians confess between them

    I am not from those you spoke about
    I am from those who love their country and see and comment on what is right and wrong in it


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