Wednesday, February 28, 2007

El-Attar speaks

Egyptian-Canadian accused of Spying for Israel "Mohamed El-Attar" had some sort of exclusive interview with daily "El-Masry El-Youm" through one of their sources in "Torah" prison "Don't even ask how they get to him "

You know I read the news in Filbalad and I got in Daily "El-Masry El-Youm"

Anyhow El-Attar in the interview denies the charges and is playing on the tune "There was pressure and torture"

He was n't spying for Israel despite the fact that he went to the Israeli Embassy , knew the three other wanted Mossad officers and considered them as friends and was going to Israel after visiting Egypt !!!

So interesting , of course he wonders if there is a law in Egypt criminalizes having Israeli friends ,of course there is not but when the three are working in the Israeli Mossad ,then it won't be acceptable ,it won't be safe

It is also strange to have 3 friends working the Mossad , really as if El-Attar were some kind of magnetic friendship for the Mossad officers !!!

Big slim liar as I said before

not that only

the new thing is that he is the first Egyptian to confess to be a gay

He said that he was a gay , and had 3 gay marriages in Canada , and this is something personal no one should object about it ,well I don't think that he will get any sympathy in Egypt for this

You know in my opinion this interview proves his guilt , despite that he is a smart asshole to play on the tune of "I am being tortured by the intelligence" which will go very well in the west along with the infamous Adly police scandal unfortunately

I mean he didn't deny going to the Israeli embassy nor knowing those three wanted Israelis Mossad officers nor going to Israel after visiting Egypt !!!

For another side , his new lawyer who seems to me searching for fame provokes me , in the same edition of "El-Masry Youm" he described the case as "Funny",well I don't think the word "Funny" is the suitable word to describe this case or any other case concerning the Egyptian and Arab National security.He also said that there is contact between him and the Canadian Ambassador as El-Attar is a Canadian citizen despite the respect of the Canadian Ambassador to the Egyptian Judicial system.The Lawyer said that also he is also patriot than the previous lawyer of El-Attar but he feels 51% that this case is fabricated.

You know I am getting bored to say it over and over every time I write anything about this infamous spy , the Egyptian intelligence since its establishment in 1954 didn't fabricate any espionage case against anyone even in the time of Salah Masry , if the Egyptian regime wants to divert the public opinion in Egypt in something ,it won't be an espionage case , of course I read many Egyptian blogs unfortunately whose owners think it is fabrication due to the great gap that became the regime presented this time in the national security and the people

For me it is 100% treason case in which I understand its danger not like that jerk lawyer who says that spying was outside Egypt !!??

There are witnesses

There is a surveillance that continued for four years

I can't find a good reason why on earth,on heaven and on hell that the Egyptian Intelligence would target El-Attar!!?? you know I won't be surprised if some wise pants come and say the Egyptian intelligence is homophobic!!

Anyhow I won't be surprised after now we are welcoming Tamer Hosni , who escaped from the military service and receive him as a national hero , so I won't be surprised to find some defending El-Attar!!???



El-Masry Youm: El-Attar interview

El-Masry Youm : The lawyer's interview

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  1. I do not who are you and what kind of information you have, but you sounds very typical arab. You make desicions before gathering informations.

    What is wrong if they give the guy a fair invistegations?

    I'm not going to talk about him being gay or straight, this is a personal thing, no one on earth can talk about it.

    Please be human being before anything else.


  2. Well I don't have enough information from a reliable sources announced publicly , already I think they gave the man a fair invistegation for three days he was denying the charging ,I don't think that he were tortured all that time and lived with it

    he got a fair invesitegation
    yes being a gay or a straight it is not our main issue here , our main issue here is the treason to his homeland and his people

    I am human before anything and I am fair and that's why I put my country and people's security above all

  3. Just read some other sides of the story

  4. Yikes...I don't know what kind of news you have been tuning into, but I can tell you right now that most of what you write is fabrication. Perhaps it is the misleading truths fed to you by the Egyptian Press, but as a Canadian citizen, I can tell you straight-up, gay or not, El-Attar has NOT had 3 gay marriages since coming to Canada, he has NOT been affiliated with ANY Israeli organizations, and he LOVES his Egyptian homeland. The world is well aware of Egypt's stand on torture and human rights. It is no stretch to imagine that he too has been the victim of torture. But maybe those are the truths being fed to me by the Canadian press. Somehow, I trust my sources far more than yours...

  5. My dear Canadian anonymous , I can't find one reason why the Egyptian intelligence would choose Mohamed El-Attar among all the Egyptians in Canada , as you said it may be the things in the Canadian press ,I trust my sources like you trust your sources
    the problem is if El-Attar is convicted and it is big chance as it never a spying case reaches the court and Egypt and those charged with it are guilty 100 % with it
    as I was saying if he is convicted , will be conviced that he was a spy !!??


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