Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jesus Family Tomb official website

 Here is the link for the official website for "The Jesus Family" documentary which is expected or already it started to cause a controversy in the world since yesterday

Link to Jesus Family Tomb: Movie Overview

Also here is the trailer of the documentary

You know I am so surprised to find the size of the caskets not that big , I mean how it would take a full body!!??

Another good question

They said that they had to decode the names on the caskets in 10 years , that's in a decade , well those names are in Hebrew ,is n't this a long period to decode Hebrew in the Hebrew state !!??


  1. To tell you the truth, I'm so excited about this finding. And would like to see it.
    It's all over the news over here, and generating enough buzz that it sure is going to be the talk of everyone over the next few weeks.

    I just want to know how did they relate "Yashouh Yousef" to "Yasou3 bin Yousef" it's like saying Mohammad Abdallah is conclusively Mohammad Ibn Abdellah the prophet of Islam!
    And the DNA test! HOW in the world were they able to get a DNA to match against!?

  2. Yeah I can imagine the buzz in countries like Jordan,Syria and Lebanon with big active Christian community with old history just like in Egypt , yet in Egypt I know what it will be said , a Zionist attempt to defame Jesus

    about the DNA ,well I swear since yesterday I am asking myself the same question !!???

  3. I recommend the follow research about the Talpiot Tomb:
    It is found in:
    Click at “History Museum” (left menu);
    Click at “Mashiakh.” (top menu);
    Scroll down to Talpiot Tomb Complex;
    Click at “Burning Issues Surrounding Talpiot Tomb Complex”

    Anders Branderud


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