Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another DA Vinci Code anyone !!??

It seemed that we will have another DA Vinci code crisis in the world , the producer and director of Titanic and Dark Angle "James Cameron" will sink this time like the time magazine described in a very excellent word choice "Christianity"

The producer who since his great box office smash hit Titanic dedicated his time to produce documentaries about the sinking legend aka "Titanic" is going to produce or already produced a documentary that is going to be shown in several TV channels "I will mention later" about findings near Jerusalem that Jesus Christ "PBUH" ,Mary Magdalena and - watch this - their son -oh yes you read right ,I told you another Code is on the way- their son burial place.

Ok this is too much ,let put me it in points

  1. In the documentary they say that Jesus Christ "PBUH" married the Magdalena.
  2. In the documentary they say that Jesus Christ had a son
  3. In the documentary ,they say that they found from 26 years ago caskets near the city of Jerusalem with remaining bones in them
  4. In the documentary they say that they believe through DNA "don't even ask" and biblical studies that these remaining are for Jesus "PBUH" ,Mary Magdalena and their son.

Beside the controversy in the Christian world about Jesus Marriage , Christians believe that Jesus Christ were raised to heaven after being crucified and the tomb they visit in Jerusalem is just an empty tomb , from the human status to the divine status according to their belief

Well my belief is the Islamic one

004.157 That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah"- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-

Al-Qur'an, 004.157 (An-Nisa [Women])

Text Copied from DivineIslam's Qur'an Viewer software v2.910

He wasn't killed , He wasn't crucified , He was raised to Heaven alive and will return back again to the end of days to kill the Anti-Christ and rule the world for 40 days with Islam

So these caskets documentary is just a myth even for me , because already he didn't killed , he didn't die yet, he will die in the end of days.

About his marriage and having kids , well I don't know how they will know that "Judah" is "Jesus"'s son ??? What D.N.A they are speaking about

Also they are speaking about "Josa" whom they believe to be "Jesus" 's brother !!??  Brother ?? I am sorry his mother is named the Virgin Mary and she didn't marry anyone !!??

James Cameron who is a Jew by the way is taking two coffins and is saying that they were for Jesus "PBUH" and Magdalena and is visiting the world ,well he knows the kind of attention he will made !!

The Channels which will air the documantry are

  1. Discovery in the United States
  2. BBC4 in the UK
  3. Vision in Canada
  4. Channel 8 in Israel

I will try to put my hands on it as soon as it airs ,already I know it will find its way to the internet and torrents


1-Time.com : Titanic claim: Jesus Still dead

2-BBC.com : Jesus tomb found ,says film maker


  1. You dismissed the argument even before hearing it.

    I can think of a bunch of arguments as well (like the well known fact that Mary Magdalene) travelled to France after the crucifixion if it took place. And became the mother of the Merovingian dynasty of kings.
    As for that verse there are many interpretations for it, some actually says that Jesus was crucified but didn't die on the cross. It's a long story and only "commoners" as the scholars call everyone else, come to the simplistic ideas of "Judah was substituted for Jesus"
    Anyway, lets wait and see what evidence do they have

  2. This is just another in a long line of people who attempt to discredit a person and faith that calls them to live differently than they desire. I really appreciate your willingness to stand behind Christ, even if as a prophet rather than as a Messiah.

    As Qwaider said, there are many interpretations for that verse. I know we won't settle this one today , but wanted to say a little piece. :)

    As a Christian, I stand with our scripture that states people near to him, including his mother, watched him die, buried him, then enjoyed his post-death fellowship. Much of what he explained was how his death fulfilled all what was written in previous prophets. Five hundred people witnessed this, not just a few.

    You can delete it if you want to, just wanted to clarify the historical Christian perspective.

  3. @qwaider,as you say we will wait , it still in the beginning ,you remember Da Vinci code already you mentioned Dan Brown argument, you know I once wrote a big post about this but unfortunately it lost in my old hard drive crash
    about the verses , well the interpretation common in Egypt is that Judah substituted Jesus ,but I also read those others interpretations

    @Kinzi , not I won't delete ,I don't delete others' comments ,in fact thank you for explaining Christian point of view :)

  4. This film is also creating a lot of commentary and skepticism back here in the States. Most news people have a hard time believing this, but my guess would be that FOX News will embrace it, as they do all things Christian. When I heard it was James Cameron, I had to take a second look. Personally, I think it's a publicity stunt. Since I'm here, will I watch? Uh, no - I'll be watching Desperate Housewives.

  5. Yes Vegabondblogger,I think it is a publicity stunt , I mean they say they found from 10 years ago and only now they are able to decode the Hebrew names !!!???
    Fox as a faithful conservative channel will take the stand surely
    Desperate Housewives series is fun but this documentary I am sure it will be more fun , you see it is not like Da vinci code fictional , they say that they got evidence and freaking DNA I don't know from where they got ut


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