Egyptian Chronicles: Save the farthest mosque,Save Peace

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Save the farthest mosque,Save Peace

Save the Farthest Mosque from destruction.

The Farthest Mosque is Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem aka El-Quds and now it is danger of destruction thanks to the excavation and work under its basis especailly the latest attempts by the Israeli government and radical jewish group.

The Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest for the Muslim after the Kabbah in Mecca and the Prophet Mohamed Mosque in Madina, it is very important to Muslims to all Muslims

I won't speak much but if you don't care about the feelings of 1 billion person , because of the hopes of restoring a lost glory then say good bye to Peace

The Jews with my all respect to their religion say that this is the location of the Solomon's Temple ,and that the Mosque with the Dome of the rock built upon it, and because of some belief that the Jews would restore back their glory if they build back the temple again after its destruction from more than 1000 of years !!!

With my all respect first I won't talk about the mount and the land nor the history ,despite I may talk much about them

I will talk about one thing ,the civilized western world keeping talking about Peace in the Middle East day and night and how important it is for all humanity to the end of the talk

I will just say few words ,in Peace there must be some comprises ,why  just the radical jews forget about that Temple ,first of all they don't need a glory already they are ruling the world mashallah , second of all if the Israeli people wish they will live in Peace for real ,I think they must forget about about the Temple , this is one billion holy place ,one billion who are very sensitive for their believes , you remember what happened in the Danish cartoons crisis ,so you can imagine what can happen if the Al-aqsa mosque is destroyed like some wish !!

It is not a threat but it is a reality , already don't think the Muslim and Arab weak rulers will stop their people for being angry ,they can't for God Sake King Abdallah Jordan one of the America biggest Alley in the region and the son of the oldest alley to Both America and Israel in the region also slamed the latest attempts of the Israeli authorities to destroy the Mosque

Yes these are attempt to destroy the Mosque

If you want to blow the peace chances in the region , blow the MOSQUE

By the way insh Allah I will speak about the history and what I think

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