Egyptian Chronicles: The Syrian who will become the king of Egypt

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Syrian who will become the king of Egypt

You know that news would come the Egyptian actors who hate their Arab co-workers go coco.It was announced that actor who is going to play the role of King Farouk of Egypt in the huge TV production "Farouk the First" is the young Syrian actor "Tim Hassan" {or Tyam Hassan,I don't know really which is correct!!??}

I will call him "Tim"

"Tim" made a huge popularity in the Arabic TVs not the Egyptian one of course after playing the role of "Nazir Qabbani" in the TV series about his life

But for Egyptians he remained unknown actor the only time they began to hear about him is when he was chosen to be King "Farouk" after dozen Egyptian actors refused the role ,already the list of those Egyptian actors included names I don't know how on earth they were chosen for king Farouk casting in the first place ,they don't like him totally

"Tim" is a good looking Syrian hunk ,really ,and he is a good actor but to say the truth despite they didn't start shooting ,I don't know if he would convince the Egyptians not of course the young ladies and also shallow  ladies who went crazy after watching Gamal Soliman in the devils gardens last Ramadan ,will go crazy I mean really women went crazy because of that Syrian who played the role hard mob in Upper Egypt

 but it will need lots of make up to convince some of King Farouk fans like my grand mother and like me

You see here is Tim's image ,I took from a Syrian girl blog and I uploaded in Zooomr

Without Make up , he looks handsome ,in fact in my opinion he is more handsome than Soliman , who reminds with the Egyptian police officers ,the high ranks you know ,I don't find him that attractive from the looks but from his acting talent,you can judge by yourself ,here is his picture below , Tim is more handsome , Soliman is just some sort of Syrian or Arabic official working in some secert service ,I swear I feel that when I see his images


And  here are some of King Farouk's images in his youth , well he died young also in his early 40s but in his last years he was so fat and wore those dark glass


You know this shot Tim with little make up can be Farouk

but this next picture which I stole from some Egyptian French site from several months ago is somehow different


This one is from London when he was studying there before King's Fouad death

King Farouk and Sisters

Here he looks like a western ,oh I like his smile here ,he was a photogenic at that time

I don't know ,I don't give damn if he is a Syrian ,let's face it they are better actors and handsome too

I will wait and see

Already I think that TV series can be just to Farouk's real personality because its writer Dr. Lamis Gabar wrote it in years and in the end she became one of the most famous defenders of that man who was brave enough to leave a throne others die and kill for

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  1. He played several good roles, in Nizar Qabbani, Salah El-Deen and Molouk Al-Tawa'ef to mention a few. However, I don't think he will be convincing at all played king Farouq, primarily because of the accent and because the character is significantly different from the kind of characters he used to play. Hatem Ali is becoming one of the best Arab directors, but miscasting is still one of the main problems with Syrian drama.

    Ah, by the way, it's "Taym".

  2. I saw him in Nizar Qabbani , he was good ,the accent won't be a problem they will correct it for him but yes Hatem Ali is excellent director but I see that his miscasted many of the roles in the TV which I will speak later ,the casting of some characters in the TV series is so so so bad

    about the name well Tim is much easier ,just like Tim burton ,it got more international accent ,anyhow Tyam Tyam

  3. Well, I think he is a very good actor. And a good actor is convincing, no matter what role he plays. I also hope the Egyptian actors would stop being snobbish and really work on improving their talent. Maybe the need this kind of competition to wake up and become more serious in their work.

  4. And now that we have watched the Farouk drama, I think that we need not worry about Tayem's accent. His talent and good looks will enable him to be as famous (if not more) as Gamal Soliman. I have watched Tayem Hassan in "Nezar Qabbani", "Molouk el Tawa'ef" and "Rabie'Qortoba". He masters every role he is selected for. He will be going places.

  5. Please concentrate more on the drama and historical events rather than who is who...The TV serial was a success anyway , maybe because of the Syrian actor who played the role and the "flouss" put in that amazing decor and locations and costumes etc...

    This young actor is very talented and we , as Arabs , should be proud of him just as we were proud of Omar Sharif playing Doctor Jivago.
    Omar was not Russian. Was he?
    Why don't we compare him to Holywood actors Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise or Leonardo di Caprio...etc...?

    Are they better than our Tim Hassan? Not in a million years!!

  6. guygermanos@hotmail.com11/30/2008 12:44:00 AM

    hi i want to confirm that tayem is the best actor in the arab world..


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