Egyptian Chronicles: The American Presidential race will be so fun : Obama ,the big test

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The American Presidential race will be so fun : Obama ,the big test

For reading the first part about the American Presidential race please click here

Now you are now with the second part

If you think that the American presidential 2008 will be so fun because of the existence of a lady , an ex-first lady in the race for the first time , well think again , Hilary Clinton is not alone in the scene , at least as the candidate of the Democratic party.

You see before going to the elections ,each party must have several candidates to choose among the President and his vice , the process depends on an internal election process in the party,of course before it just like the general presidential party , each dreamer must start his or her campaign as if he or she were in the real elections , as from these campaigns that start even by two years earlier the parties will know which one can be the winning the horse through the popularity the candidates gain through their campaign beside their work in the community

And that's why some democrates put hope and bets on Barack Obama,the Black horse to run for presidency.

Barack Hussein Obama ,  the 45 years old the senator representing Illinois state , works as lawyer,married to Michelle Obama   and got two daughter  "will Michelle be the first African American lady??"

I will explain "The Hussein" part in his name later

Obama is just like Hilary Clinton ,for those who are following the American internal affairs know very well that this African American is putting his eye on the oval office in the White house ,but they were more like speculations and predictions that were enforced with meeting with fundraising and a word here and a word there with lots of doubts,till the last 15th of January when he officially announced in a church in Illinois that he would run for presidency

Obama is a very popular in America , really , he is a popular among the democrats supporters , he is popular in the American community in which he proudly belongs , in fact he is popular communities and minorities , like the Muslim community for instance look to the blog of that young Muslim American activist Hasseb , he put the button of Obama in a sign of a support

Not that only in fact some think even he is a Muslim "due to the Hussein thing in his name", Barack 's father Hussein is a Muslim Kenyan who married his mother then divorced her and returned back to Kenya , leaving 2 years old Barack with his mother who later married an Indonesian foreign student and then moved with him to Jakarta where 6 years old Barack attended an Islamic school for 2 years , then attended a catholic years for another 2 years till the age of 10 where he returned to the United States

Already the conservatives took the opportunity and began the attack on him for his connection to Islam , for example the fact that he attended an Islamic school in a Jakarta ,the schools which are known in the west as Madrasah ,of course associated with bad thoughts as the place of planting terrorism and hatred to the end of that sick talk ,anyhow the week didn't end as soon as Obama announced the beginning of his presidential campaign then the attack began strangely not only from the conservatives but also from Hilary Clinton who knows that she got a strong opponent from the same camp.

You know it is ridiculous ,really and it shows the ugly face of both Hilary and Conservatives ,I mean they are declaring that Islam and Muslims are the enemy and all what related to them is evil and dangerous to America !!

Anyhow as I am saying that guy is a popular ,beside his adventurous move towards the white House ,people respect him, and he is clever also in winning their acceptance whether they are black or white ,already I describe Obama with Helle Barry , because both got white mother and both are admired a lot in a nation that discriminate people on color ,race ,sex and see I once saw a report about the good looking bodies Swimsuits for leaders and politicians in CNN ,yes in CNN not in E! and Obama was considered as hot ,well he looked fine in the swimsuit at least better than G.W.Bush!!

Obama is intelligent beside being against the war in Iraq ,supporting the labor the union are not enough , just today he announced the launch of a campaign to quit smoking and he is the first to be a role model ,well I guess the votes of cigarettes producers and their support won't go to him

 Till now the position of Obama towards the Middle East is unknown ,I don't mean of course Iraq ,I mean the Palestinian issue and Israel ,well I found that the Jews and Israelis are wondering which one will be better for Israel the ol' Israel Supporter Hilary or the new face Obama whose fundraiser list include Steve Spielberg, read this link please .You know if I were an American I would be provoked if I read in an Israeli newspaper these words "We simply cannot afford to allow a person with incoherent, weak and inconsistent views on national security and foreign policy to become the Democrats' presidential nominee !!" Is it the presidency of the States or Israel ??? that reminds with the link from Ha'atrz who be better for Israel Hilary of McCain !!

Anyhow it is in the hands of the Israelis or the Jews ,it is in the hands of American voters , seriously if there is a doubt that Hilary can reach to the White House as she is a woman , there are 100 doubts that he can reach to the white house as a black man

Seriously do you think that the American White votes in the south for example will give their votes to him ?? believe or not I asked two African American friend bloggers "Umar Lee" and "Aisha" and both are skeptical , come on we are talking here about a nation that classify people with color,race,sex and religion .

And so that it wasn't a surprise for me to find that some African American senate from the democrats said that he would give his vote to someone else

And even if there is a hope for counting on black votes back then now some black Americans who don't think that Obama is not that black , after all what does the handsome educated clean high middle class whose mom is white and father is Kenyan know about the African American community and its troubles and needs?? oh boy look this ridiculous ,I don't know but some African Americans think that Tupac is the right example !! 

You know the tough question is America ready for a Black president ,already they accepted this in fiction when Morgan Freeman appeared as the President of the State in Deep Impact and in the Popular racist TV show 24 but will they accept in real life ??

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  1. More Americans are comfortable with a black man as president than a woman

  2. well I think if it is behind him and Hilary ,he could take it easily as a man ,don't forget Hilary is looked at as a feminist who sees Men are evil


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