Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sinai updates

Thank God the day was saved at 6 PM Arish Local time in North Sinai , the clashes were stopped between the Bedouins and the police, the gathering of the Bedouins in front the Egyptian-Israeli borders requesting the refugee from the Israeli authority was ended , already it was more like a public stunt by the Bedouins who wanted only the attention of the officials and world to hear their problems.

They didn't ask much , they wanted punishment for a police officer from the general security forces who came from some time after the Taba blasts , this young man thinks that he is in Cairo where the police has ultimate authority to escape from any charge as he killed young man from a week without any accountability and on Wednesday he killed two young brothers again for no reason or guilt

The two brothers murder was the last straw which drove hundreds of the Bedouins to rebel ,cut road and threat to cross the border for Israel , their only demands were to remove General Samy Loty ,the manager of general security in North Sinai and to give them the officer who caused the death of the three young man , as according to the tribal rules his punishment is death or to pay "Diah"/ "Sum of money" to the deceased families in hope that they will accept it if not then he must be killed

Thank Goodness help came from the wise tribe men in Sinai , with the representatives of the North Sinai in the assembly and huge help from both the army and intelligence who used their old relations with the Bedouins to remedy things

Without knowing what happened there or being there I expected that the state will listen to their simple very simple demands and remove the police general and I think they paid a "Diah" a huge sum to the deceased families to forgive the police officer who is not only transferred by may be now he is face a discipline court in the interior ministry , if it were for me ,I believe he should be executed !!

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