Friday, April 27, 2007

The Spies awake

We are still with El-Attar case as Canada requested officially Egypt to investigate the claims of El-Attar in the court that he confessed in front of the investigator after being tortured badly in the Egyptian intelligence , the claim which distributed Canada so much as El-Attar is considered a Canadian too, it distributed Canada because this allegation comes after the scandals of the interior ministry regarding the torture in the police stations and jails

For honesty I saw this coming and anyone would suspect in the creditability of this confession thanks to Adly torture club and its international fame

Anyhow the Egyptian official respond came today to fire back the allegations

A high Egyptian official source denied the allegations , saying that during the trial El-Attar didn't request a medical examiner to examine him to prove that he was tortured ,same thing for his lawyer who didn't request a medical examiner for his client and here is a good point ,an excellent because he was tortured in the way he described there would be remarks in his body to prove so and if there were remarks he would show them in the court to prove his allegations , but he didn't because he knows very well how big slim liar he is .

The Same source also said that the medical examiner attended and questioned El-Attar during the investigation sessions

The big surprise was that El-Attar was visited by Canadian officials from the embassy including the Consular himself and none of those officials recorded any remark about torture

From another side

Another espionage case was awake

The famous "Sherif El-Falali" case was brought up to surface by his family . His father had sent a small letter to "El-Dostor Daily saying  that his son in innocent and that his trial was a political one with in direct accusation to the president to be involved in it. I remember in the time of the "Falali" trial there were rumors about his involvement in a business with the one of the president's sons , dirty business the father revealed in letter that it was arms deal, oh yes according to the father his son was an arm dealer who was involved in selling a very  big deal to some African countries

Now for me El-Falali's case is finished because I remember how it went , at first the civilian court considered him innocent yet the military court considered him guilty and now he is jail for 15 years

I remember the trials till now and to tell you the truth I always found his parent are so provoking ,I can't forget his mother who said that her son is a religious and he has a Spanish girl friend ,another thing being an arm dealer for me is not that innocent ,I mean how many people were killed in Africa because of Mr. Falali so called trade , this doesn't make him innocent to me at all on the contrary

The father is accusing President Mubarak thanks to the fame of his sons ,especially Alaa and this wouldn't happen if they were not hated and had this bad fame honestly .

"El-Falali" 's father sent his letter to El-Dostor after those years because now there is a big suspicion regarding the latest two espionage cases especially the Nuke spy, he knows that it is a prefect time ,even his choice to send a letter to El-Dostor daily the biggest independent opposition newspaper shows that he wants to rise suspicion towards his son.

To answer back all these allegations and this not in defend of the regime , because I know the cons of it very well , I will say it again , if the regime wants someone in Jail ,it won't fake for him an espionage case that can threat the international relations of Egypt with other countries "Egypt vs. Canada in Case of El-Attar and Egypt vs Spain in Case of El-Falali" , if they want him in jail ,they will charge with other 1000 Charges

and again in the worst times of the intelligence during Salah Nasr and his moral scandals where People used to be kidnapped from other countries in coffins ,there was no single case that spying was used as a charge

I am not defending the intelligence because they don't need my defend but this is what I think and believe , i am not kind of a girl who lives in the dream of Adham Sabri and I guess this is obvious from my blog and coverage to the news there ,I just say this because I can take any more of this

What we are dealing unfortunately is the result of the constant lying of the regime and the hate that people began to feel towards it thanks to inhuman treatment of the security forces in the interior ministry that the intelligence and the army began to pay the price , now as a result of the stupid political security policies every convicted with a murder or drug dealing or treason will claim that he confessed under the torture !!

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