Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The real victims

Anyone of us is real blessed despite all the hard times in his or her life, we are blessed and we must thank God thousand times every morning that we don’t live in a refugee camp especially like the Palestinian camp

The agony of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and other Arab countries an agony many is ignoring and forgetting

We are all forgetting that the real victims of the on going war between the Lebanese army and militia of “Fatah El-Islam” are not the Lebanese people with my all respect and love to them, the real victims I am afraid are the Palestinian refugees who have no place to go for except another refugee camps, there is no direction home I am afraid.

To know the size of the disaster, you must know couple of quick information about the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

·         The estimation of the UN to the number of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon now is 350,000.

·         Most of them came after the 1948 war and the rest came after the six days war in Lebanon.

·         According to The Levant map in 1999 about the places of the refugees camps in Lebanon there are 25 refugee camps

·         Only 12 camps are having aids from the UNRWA

·         Most of the refugee camps in Lebanon like “El-Nahr El-Bard” have no facilities from like hospitals, only one health center with an average of 494 patients per DAY!! Just imagine this huge number not in hospital but in health center

“El-Nahr El-Bared” refugee camp was established in 1949 and according to the estimation of the UNRWA in 2003 there are 31,023 refugees registered in it , the camp is overcrowded and its infrastructure is so poor, the water sources in it are all pumped from a ground source and thus wasn’t surprise to read, hear and see on TV the refugees complaining since the start of the shelling of the Lebanese army on the camp ,the water, electricity and food supplies were cut , already there were few in the Peace time so you can imagine it now !! Yet if you read the page of the camp in UNRWA  you find that its conditions from education are much better than other refugee camps.

What makes it worst that the militia is not concentrating in one place in the camp; they are moving all the time with no respect or consideration to the People in the camp, already I don’t know how those people think when they claim that they defend the camp!! What defense and already the majority of the people injured and died in the camp from the fight and the shelling were from the refugees’ non members of the militia

I really understand the dilemma the Lebanese army is facing whether to enter or not enter the camp, already according the international treaties the Lebanese army can’t enter the camps, and the real authority in the refugee camps doesn’t follow the Lebanese government but the PLO and the Palestinian authority. Ironically Fatah gave the green light to the Lebanese army to enter and storm the camp on “Fatah Islam”, I am not amazed after all they don’t care much for those in camps, Fatah already doesn’t care much about the Palestinians in Gaza itself!!

At night yesterday when there was news about a truce between the militia and the army, declared from the militia side the refugees in thousands began to leave the camp mainly from the children and women on foot and in cars moving to the “Beddawi camp” which is about 11 KM from the “Nahr El-Bared”

According the “UNRWA” in 2003 there are 16,198 refugees in it yet despite the number is less than other refugees’ number in other camps yet the camp main problem is the poverty and unemployment the common factor between the Palestinian refugees camps in Lebanon not to mention treating them as third citizen class

I don’t know when the misery of those refugees will end, the misery from greedy politicians who steal their money and use their name or the misery from groups that claim to defend their rights where in reality they are causing in their ultimate death and humiliation.

Already the UNRWA made a relief call after one of its conveys was hit yesterday not to mention the UN request from the Lebanese government to let it pass aid to the refugees

Damn the one who behind “Fatah El-Islam” and his agenda what so ever!!


  1. Good post (so is the next one) Zeinobia. I should draw a chart to make a pictorial sense of all the divisions and amalgamations.

    But one question, can't the refugees go to other Arab countries? Is it possible for Arabs to get the citizenship of another Arab country?

    I am thinking similar to Israel actually, that anyone who is Jewish, automatically can apply for Israel citizenship.

  2. I had no idea there were so many palestinian refugees in Lebanon. I find it quite shocking I never heard of this before and it's not as if it started yesterday. I read an article this morning mentionning 401 071 refugees according to UNRWA, on the record that is, because as the article specified you don't have to register, so they probably are much more.

    @naj : I don't know really but I doubt it very much, it would mean for instance that as a muslim you could apply for any islamic country citizenship, or I, as a european, could apply for any european citizenship (hey ! I'd like that actually).

  3. Well dear European Seg., not every muslim is Arab. But from discussions I have had, Arabs seem to consider themselves "one nation."

    Re European citizenship, well isn't European Union pretty much the same idea? And isn't it why all europe is going out of its wits now that lesser Eastern Europeans and "muslim" Europeans of Turkey want to join in the pack?!

    By the way, Zeinobia, check out lespolitiques. She has a nice post on this topic.

  4. @Naj your question or suggestion was refused and is still refused by the Arabs and the Palestinians because simply this is what Israel wants no refugees who should return back to their homes
    At least in Egypt to keep the Palestinian identity safe ,the Palestinians shouldn't apply for the Egyptian nationality but they have privileges in commerce
    This is what Israel and America want to re-locate those refugees in other countries like Lebanon , if you think if you give the citizenship to any Palestinian by time he will forget his old home
    even if the Arabs reach to this decision the Palestinians won't accept it and they are right
    those refugees should return back home to the same settlements the Israeli settlers left in Gaza and west bank , it is the fair solution

    @Seg,it is so sad and what is sadder is that those people are not put in the consideration in the fight at all they are not counted as humans even internationally

  5. Zeg: Iranians are not one nation, they are made up of turcoman opressed arabs in the oil rich south east province and pakistanis and indians in the west.

    Arabism is a great civilsation that has its roots in babylon and Pharoanic Egypt. At the present Arabs have the same language culture .history and enemies: Iran and Israel. And one more advice from an Egyptian who is fond of France. dont learn about Arabs from their enemies especially Persians.

  6. @ naj just a qustion why are you troubling yourself with Arabs?

  7. @ seg the reason Arabs are not one nation is that thir entire enegies are dragged in fighting an alien body implanted in the middle of their homes. Oil has made necessary for the more mature western power to keep them apart. Geopliotics in the Arab world is very complicated.

    Now in addition to Israel we have fantic demagogic mullahs in Iran who are deliberatly sectarianising Arab world on religous basis.

    In the Arab persian war between Iran and Iraq. Arabs got together. the result was bringing PERSIAN FANTICISM DOWN. iRAQ FAGHT, EGYPT PROVDED STRATEGIC COMBAT EXPERIENCES and weapons. Gulf states finaced Iraq.

    In 1973 Egypt and Syria almost annihlted Israel. Arab solidarity countered enermous American aid.

    I think now you would understand why someone like Naj from a lesser culture and civilsation than the Arab world is full of grudg against Arabism

  8. Hi Zeinobia, Thanks for explanations.

    I think I understand your argument; but say if a Palestinian decided that he/she no longer wants to go "back" and wants to become a part of the greater Arab nation, what should he/she do?

    So from what you are telling me, it seems that Palestinians are the "buffer" of Arab resistance against Israel? The "reason" for fighting against Israel?

    As far as relocation goes, well Palestinians HAVE been relocated for almost 60 years now; and they have been SUFFERING in their relocation; is this suffering their choice? What do you mean by "Palestinians won't accept it?" Has there been a poll asking the refugees "Do you want to become Lebanese, for example, or do you prefer to keep suffering in refugee camps?"

    I mean I keep complaining that Palestinians in Israel are second citizens, but they are second citizens every where. So if Arabism is a great united entity as our explosive (and mentally disturbed friend) Amralbino suggests, then I do not understand the logic of dislocation-prevention. You call it the only "fair" solution; but how do you define fairness? Is it fair that a child is borne in a refuge camp? What if that child WANTS to forget his ancestral land? What should he/she do?

  9. dear mentally stable najjy : I see that i have well exposed the iranian role in iraq.

    Iran will be bombed soon! Iraq will be free pretty young humanitareian Naj! If you care so much for palestinians dear hormonally disturbed NAJJY, then why dont you care for the ARABS IN THE OIL RICH AWAS PROVINCE1? lol

    Arabs get killed over there for demanding rights and autonomy, depite of being shiites!???????

    Iseg and Zeinobia she will never answer this , and will resort to her ill logic inspired by her hormonal disturbance heeeeeee

    merci bel farsi


    Palestinians in Egypt are entitled to the rights of Egyptians( not granted to other Arabs)

    Iraq and Egypt delayed their development plans for 40 years in successive wars and conflicts aginst imperialism and Israel. While Iran arming and providing oil for Israel. In the eighties the demagogic Iranians were being armed by Israel during their fantic war of agresion against Iraq.

    SADAM HUSSIEN DURING THE WAR OF DEFENCE AGAINST iRANIAN FANTICS AND THE DEMAGOGIC RETARD kHOMEINI. used to give the familly of every palestinian killed in plaestine 25,000. Palestinians in sadam's Iraq were priviliged to the extent the iraqis werre jealous of them.

    Now the Iranian death squads in Iraq are killing palestinians:

    Khaled mesh3il the political head of Hamas called upong Khameini to stop the masssacre of Palestinians by Iranian occupiers in Iraq.

    Naj try to pick up your words. I know you that you are low from your attidude. I DONT LIKE TO BE JUDGMENTAL BUT THAT IS A TYPICAL ATTIDUDE OF PERSIANS, ESPECIALLY THEIR STREET WALKERS

  11. ZEINOBIA AND SEG: please check this blog by an iraqi and will learn about what the Iranians are doing in Iraq!

  12. Due to Yassar Arafat's support of Saddam during the first Gulf War, Kuwait deported many Palestinians and as far as I've 'heard' they are not wanted in Oman. So, unfortunately, many have become victims of Arafat's allegiance to Saddam, particularly when it comes to the possibility of living in the Gulf area. I actually knew a Palestinian-American in Abu Dhabi whose family was deported from Kuwait, and it wrecked their lives. Btw, Palestinians are not all Muslim. The majority of them, who have actually gone on to other countries are Greek Orthodox or other Christian denominations. At one time the Palestinian population was 80% Christian and 20% Muslim, but in the refugee camps now, it's just the opposite.

  13. Naj , again this is what the America and Israel want , about the Palestinians believe me those who I know and met them in Egypt from very rich to very poor are very attached to their homeland even somethem came from 1948 ,
    look if you give them the nationality by time they will forget palestine and their land at the same time the Jews didn't forget it from thousands of years
    my dear according to what you are saying the people of Al-Quds can forget about it about their land leaving it to the Israelis in the same way
    it is very complicated and it is not as simple as you think
    another thing the Arab world gave alot to Palestine and the Palestinians more than you can even imagine and it will continue to give this is a part of us ,its struggle is ours and it is enough that the great Israel is stratching from Iraq to Egypt
    The palestinians are not paying the price alone we all paying it and their agony is not one of a kind in the world , in fact it is much better if I say than the agony in Darfur and Africa
    re-location means no more Palestine
    and yes the majority want to return back and they won't accept any resolution like Saddam Hussein the hero of Amr who told Arfaat take Kuwait instead of Palestine and it is even richer
    yes that is why Arfaat and King Hussein were beside Saddam ,check back the history

  14. Thanks Zeinobia. Like any outside observer, I am just trying to put myself in the shoes of those who are suffering and imagine what I would want if I were them.

    Speaking of Amro and his Saddam, I wish he stopped his ridiculous campaign of "Saddam won the war with Iran" and blahblah ... the loser Saddam had far more military power than Iran, yet he LOST the war pretty soon. Even this says that: (

    I wish Iranians had accepted Saddam's defeat when he was kicked out of Khoramshahr, and had not dragged that stupid war for longer. But I think Khomeini wanted to put an end to the likes of Amro!

    But that maniac Saddam turned even against the Pan-Arabic Kwaities who were helping him against Iran! In a way, Amro's behavior mirrors the way Saddam operated: praising and cursing depending on the moon!!!

  15. As usual the hormonally stable Najjy failed to respond to the facts I mentioned. What about Khmeini being forced to accept the sieze fire with Iranian territories occupied?? If that is not qualified as victory, then what is it?

    what about the Ahwas Arabs who are being opressed, marginalised and their community leaders assassinated by Iranian terrorists?
    They are supposed to be shiites as well.Huh?

    one last THING Najjy, the glorious el-Fao battle in which the Iranian occupiers were wiped out in thousands by Egyptian made Sakr 80 missiles. And the plan executed there was the same as the shamil operation designed by Egyptian strategic planners to wipe out israeli salient in 1973?

  16. Amro, in all honesty, which of your colors is darker:

    Your green color of envy, or your blue color of anger?!

    I think you should be in a battle field fighting dirty Persians; at least you may become a martyr of the Arab world instead of dishonoring them like you do!

    I think for someone who is PROUD that Saddam chemically bombed the Kurds and as you call "the enemies of Arabs"; it shouldn't be so hard to forgive a bunch of Arab infiterators being kicked out of Ahwaz!

    The problem is, th eARABS don't want the Ahwazi separatists because they consider them "persianized".

    You know Amre, for someone who is constantly wishing for a nuclear holocaust in Iran, and who is constantly sending "death wishes" for my ill father, you make a blood thirsty and deprived image. If I were arab, I would be ASHAMED to have you as an ambassador of my civilization!

    My friends have chosen to not engage with conversation with you, because they all have diagnosed you with mental disorder.

    I shall do the same!

  17. Ahwasis want independence from Persian colonialim! LOL

  18. Amr with my all respect I think Egypt made mistake when it helped Saddam in the war ,seriously even Mubarak apologized for president Khatami about this in their meeting


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