Sunday, May 27, 2007

U.N. peacekeeper in Darfur fatally shot - Yahoo! News

Ok this is bad but all what can I say that he is a martyr may Allah bless him and give patience all those who love him

Seriously I was scared when I read the news at because they didn't mention the name of the officers and already we have got two members in the family woking as Peacekeepers in Sudan ,one in the police and one in the army but thank God , I don't know if they are in Darfur but I know they are in Sudan along with the African union forces

By the way I don't know why some like to blame president Mubarak about this ,I mean it could happen to anyone from any country

Also I want to say that those peacekeepers are not living in luxury as some are claiming 

Link to U.N. peacekeeper in Darfur fatally shot - Yahoo! News


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  1. may god bless thesoul of the lion of Egypt.

    Darfour is rich in oil. And it is a matter of national security for us. We shoud never allow any destabilsation of Sudan or foreign interference(U.N)


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