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The opportunist “The bright dark side of the moon”

There are many indicators about the people personalities and manners that make you predict their future whether if it is successful or unsuccessful, honorable or dishonorable.
My Mother was studying in the famous Kowmia School in Agouza in Giza in its golden age when all the children of the Revolution leadership council members were there, of course she was much younger yet she can remember very well how the teachers spoke about their beloved president’s daughters Huda and Mona, despite the iron hand Nasser was ruling Egypt with the people were not hypocrite as they were always speaking about them in a true manner. 
In brief the two sisters from the same father and mother were the best living example for the Egyptian proverb “Two siblings with two different personalities” ,they were like East and West ,Huda was very bright and there were rumors that she would be the next Andrea Gandhi ,after all it was said that the faculty of Economics and Politics sciences in Cairo university was opened for her , where as the other one who was not as bright as Huda but liked and still likes to enjoy the joys of life : Was Mona
Mona was not as clever as Huda in her study at all ,Huda was very intelligent ,the first on her class not because she was the daughter of Nasser but she was really hard working girl ,where as the other one was not the first at all and that’s why her father the President decided to make her join the American University in Cairo in the 1960s after finishing the secondary stage , back then the AUC was not regarded as the prestigious university for the elite more than it used to accept any high school grades ,there were not private universities then .
After joining the AUC with a short period the Egyptians in the mid 1960s saw the images of her marriage in the newspaper, an expected thing for a 194810770_1b741548e7_oyoung girl in her age that didn’t have interest in education or politics as her sister.
The Egyptians in the same newspaper, in the same report were introduced for the first time to the young man who was lucky enough to marry the daughter of their fearful beloved dictator ruler; the young lad’s name was Ashraf Marwan, a name they thought that they would only hear as the son in law of Nasser, but the young lad’s name proved to be included in the Egyptian modern history, a name of enigma more than a name of …a groom
Many people in Egypt back then thought the young man was a clever opportunist, Mona Abd El-Nasser was neither that beautiful nor bright, and she was the kind of a girl who anyone can fool with words of love, of course this one is a suicide person because he would be fooling with the daughter of president Nasser in that hour, the next hour he would be in some dungeon.
And the Egyptians’ point was right as the graduate of the faculty of Sciences who was working in the central laboratories of the army suddenly was transferred to work in the Presidency in no time, he joined the office of the President Nasser for information till he reached to be the assistant of information for the President Secretary himself the famous Sami Sharaf ; do not ask me what his job title meant , you know this kind of the vague titles , but I think it was related to the intelligence , suddenly he went to London to get it a PhD , a PhD which many suspected that he had bought ,especially he was not using it in his real job what ever it was and suddenly he was acting like some sort of Ambassador traveling here and there
No wonder the Egyptians were not fond of him, the strange thing his father in law Nasser himself was not fond of the young man and I think I know why Nasser was very clever, after all he used to teach the intelligence subject in the War school, I think he understood the real character of Marwan and how dangerous he could be and thus he used the old technique to make him under his control or at least that what he though he was doing.
Marwan’s name and role didn’t come to real public exposure and made headlines except after his father in law was dead and President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadaat was the man in charge, Marwan as an opportunist knew that time had changed and there was a new sheriff in town he should earn his trust and thus it was a big surprise to find the name of Marwan among the officers who stood with President Nasser Sadaat against who were used to be called “The Centers of powers” in the correction revolution , the story goes on that young daring brave Marwan gave documents and records that proved the guilt of those men, the old men of President Nasser who hated the idea that there was a real respectable man who wanted to get rid from their corruption , the same men who trained Marwan and trusted him just like Sami Sharaf, of course they forgot the golden rule to trust nobody in the political arena , after all they were and are the kind of men who sell their souls to the devil in order to have power
President Sadaat in return rewarded Marwan making him his secretary for information till year 1974 then he moved him to the Arabic organization for manufacture which was concerned at that time with the military productions from arms and air fighters development, after that he left Egypt to live in London and start his career as businessman
Marwan was so rich in London and yet no one knew from what exactly, we were not familiar with the name of El-Fayed but with Marwan.  Rumors about him from Egyptians living in UK began to reach the mother land saying that the man was a world famous arms dealer, this rumor who many confirmed I heard it personally from someone who is living in London for 40 years up till now, already the man headed the Egyptian community there for couple of years. Of course the Arm dealing rumor can be enforced with his previous work in the Arabic organization for manufacture
The rumors about him and his family in UK were not so promising; in fact it proved that we are in front of some classical case of broken families and that money and power some time are a curse, from the same source above I heard that Mona Abd El-Nasser was alcoholic  from some time, already if you saw her picture now especially her neck and her hands, comparing with women in her age also comparing her with her sister you will believe there is something went wrong , already I don’t like this woman because I can’t forget her pictures in the Blue Band concert in Egypt from two years ago , you know when a 60-something lady acts like some 16 years old girl ,since then I don’t respect her anymore
Of course we can’t forget that a man like Marwan had many enemies in his life to spread these rumors about him and his family, after all there are quite number of the old buddies whether from the Abd El-Hakim Amar gang and Power center gang who are still living and kicking in London, also we can not forget his long hatred to Mohamed El-Fayed, a hatred that I can’t understand
Now these are just quick facts about Marwan
- He was born in Cairo in year 1945 as Mohamed Ashraf Abu El-Wafa Marwan 194810768_623b94e2a7_o
- His father was an army officer who later worked as the head of the free shops
- He has two sons Gamal and Ahmed
- Gamal owns the melody channels and music company , Ahmed works in London with his dad
- Ahmed was married to Hania Amr Moses , the former popular Egyptian foreign minister ,a move that made many Egyptians including me surprised due to the bad fame of Marwan as arm dealer , but they got divorce after having two children Ahmed and Amina
- He got four grand children
This is the bright dark face of Ashraf Marwan, the President Nasser’s son in law and the infamous arm dealer or famous business man, the father of Gamal Marwan
Unfortunately his death came after we were introduced publicly in Egypt to his real dark face and despite the attempt to beautify it by some in Egypt; I think it is much uglier then being a heartless arm dealer!!
UPDATES: I just updated quickly some silly typing mistakes thanks for Jarelkamar "Haisam"


  1. I once watched a documentary in the history channel about the 6th of October war, it was full of historical inacuracies and the focus was on the Israeli perspective. However, they discussed fairly how Egyptian intelligence duped the israelis and mad a fool out of them.

    In this context theY mentioneD something about a double agent who was close Nasser and Sadat who offered his services to Israelians. They called him the " source", mos probaby he was Ashraf Marwan.

    And then it turned out that he was a double agent who conveyed all the plans of the israeli defensive line of Bar-liev to the Egyptian intelligence. The docmentary stated that that was the man reaso behind the overwhelming Egyptian success in breaking through the first lione of Israeli defences in Sinai

  2. عمرو العبيط, غباءك بيعلني, نقطني بسكاتك

  3. @ amre,Just for the correction he didn't get the Bar-liev plans to Egypt , I guess the Israelis were wise enough to give him the plans , it was another one whom I knew his name but I forgot it
    just wait till I finish my other post regarding his bond years
    by the way his alias wasn't the source
    @anonymous ,please do me a favor once in your life and comment on the topic itself

  4. So informative post , Thx for the effort ..

    Can u link to the recent picture of infamous Mrs Mona Nasser In the blue band concert ??

    Two minute corrections :
    1- "it was a big surprise to find the name of Marwan among the officers who stood with President Nasser against who were used to be called “The Centers of powers” in the correction of revolution"

    I think you meant Anwar el Sadat & The Corrective Revolution

    2- "He has two month Gamal and Ahmed" , Are u sure they are not July and April :))

    Just kidding , I Know u mean two SONS .. Slip of the keyboard I am sure .. just wanted to alarm u

    Thx again


    I think that link sheds light on another aspect of this controversial character

  6. You add some more insider aspects wich are helpful in understanding the issue and the main characters. I really enjoy reading for you.
    More about Ashraf Marawn in my blog.

  7. @Haisam , well unfortunately I saw the pcitures in magazines like Cleo ,Enigme and Laha, from couple of years ,I don't think that I still have them
    thanks for the link that is what I want to speak about next time insh Allah

    @Dr.Yasser,I am so glad that you liked the post ,insh ALlah I won't miss your posts about Marwan , in fact I was waiting for them

  8. Egypt was ruled by mystery throughout history. It had 2 good leaders: Mohamed Ali Pasha and Gamal Abdel Nasser. Like Mohamed Ali, Nasser had bosses to answer to, and tried hard to manipulate to save his seat of power&country. He couldnt do both. And it killed him in the end. Nassers problem is that he tried to do it all by himself, around people that all wanted to be boss. I mean the other Arab nations. They really killed him. Their insanity drove him insane. Oh, sure, he was far from perfect. Still, the best we had so far. Until we get a mix of Mohamed Ali&Nasser, Egypt will have to settle for a democracy. I hope it works.
    peace salam

  9. The biggest mistake Nasser made was of course 67. HE thought he would get 56 all over again. For sure he knew he would not win the war...Israel would bomb and occupy Sinai, and a cease fire would send each other back. It would give him an excuse to get rid of Amer, get the Arabs off his backs, and continue his popularity in the Arab world. But the Israelis over did it. He was fooled. They didnt want Egypt. They wanted Jerusalem&Golan. And Russia was in on it. They instigated it all. Russians were the biggest enemy to the Arab/Muslim world. They are saboteurs. It was all agreed in Yalta, that Russia would play the good cop to the Arabs. And send them into wars they knew they couldnt win. Sadat was smart to kick those commie bastards out. They killed off a whole generation with their godless ideology. Bullets is all they offered. Bullets Arabs used to kill other Arabs. And that was part of the plan too. And the Arabs are always happy to please their guests. They make it so easy for people to fool them. Because of their stubborn foolish pride&their hypocrisy ...greedy to the bone. If they dont all get pushed back into Mecca&Yemen,within 100yrs. it will be a miracle!


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