Tuesday, June 26, 2007

was it love or were they the Russians??

 When I first saw this clip I said to myself "just look to his face"

Oh those Russians,they made him drink Vodka in the G8 ,poor French boy

but it turns that there could be another explanation , cherchez la femme sa nom est Cécilia -translation search for a woman called Cécilia who is his wife

You know it was not me only whom Cécilia caught her eyes in the G8 Summit with her haute coutre dress or behavior but the British press too was interested and thus the independent gave its readers worldwide this in depth look about this new rebel first french lady and her hubby

Cécilia Sarkozy: The First Lady vanishes - Independent Online Edition > Europe

From what I reading I understand at last what Sarko meant when he referred to the wisdom of the Mubarak , that is in controlling the media ,having influence friends here and there ,man why on earth this man whose wife is bold enough to leave him alone for months to go with another man and live in another continent is not the best choice to rule a country like France !!

But you know from reading his and her bio together I think they are  a match made in heaven !!

Excuse me in the independent article ,in the part about her modeling career they are saying she got Egyptian eyes , where are they exactly ??


  1. You know it's a shock for us french that our president would refuse a glass of wine, so that he should accept a glass of vodka offered by Putin is quite scary...
    I do believe him when he says he does not drink a drop of alcohol but he does look sakran on the video. He finally came up with a great excuse : he was late and in the hurry he had to run up the stairs. I find it very funny as we have seen him so many times jogging with his bodyguards, jogging with Fillon, jooging, jogging, always jogging. So that was useful apparently!
    As for Cecilia, she did state that being first lady would be a bore, I may be wrong but I also remember her saying that she wanted american citizenship. I guess her boredom was relieved when a bank card directly linked to the Trésor Public who manages the Elysée's account was requested for her personnal use (perhaps this reconciles her with french citizenship?).

  2. Seg. look to his face does this the face of a man had to run up , look to his silly smile he is for sure sakran and you know I think he insulted the French culture several times
    and yes Cecilia said she wanted an american citizenship
    you know this is not a healthy relationship but for sure they are the perfect odd couple for each other
    but is that true you don't speak about her freely in France ??


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