Wednesday, July 4, 2007

And now it is the C.I.A ??

I don't know when and how the circus of Ashraf Marwan will end , already the man is in his tomb and Scotland Yard is busy with what they are facing from terror alerts and it seems the case will face the same destiny of Soad Honsi's
In Egypt of course it is a big media circus ,especially for the official and friendly independent Media" well they are not really independent after all they are so friendly to the regime"
I didn't watch the TV in the last couple of days , I was really sick that I decided to sleep yet my mom saw strange stuff especially on El-Mahawar where they were hosting some men to speak about late Marwan after the Mubarak Statement and guess what ?? those men in Egypt who were sitting on their assess in Cairo accused not only the Mossad of Killing the man but also accused the C.I.A of helping the Mossad to kill the man in London !!??
Now it is  the C.I.A . ok we understand the Mossad thing , already they are suspect but I don't understand why the C.I.A is mentioned ,I mean the Mossad is too powerful to handle a single man assassination without the help of their American friends , come on people it is the MOSSAD , one of the most deadliest secret services in the world that depended and is still depending on assassination since day one ,they won't wait for their American friends help ,plus why don't they go for their British friends in the M.I.5 !!??
Stupidity , they are using the people's hate towards Israel and the American administration in order to divert the public attention and don't ask me from what because I don't know
Strange fact or rumor
There is a rumor in the newspapers saying that Sherif El-Falali who died from two days ago was already dead in the jail three days before they had announced his death, I wonder why they kept it , but may be because accordingly he died in the same time as Marwan and so it may cause suspicions ,already it is strange ,I mean again in less than one week two arm dealers are dead , the two had relations with the Mossad !!??


  1. Two deaths at the same time does make you wonder. I agree with you. Why would MOSSOAD need the help of the CIA? What makes me wonder though, this man in jail was in the custody of the government and who had access to him? I haven't been reading up on this, so I don't know what the cause of death was, though does it really make any difference?

  2. the strange thing is the connection of that arm dealing business as I see it , some are claiming that the Egyptian intelligence killed El-Falali in revenage from the Mossad , well that does not make sense at all because according to the intelligence rules El-Falali is a burned spy with no use at all ,they won't be sad for his death because he was already exposed , it won't make any difference except the timing of course El-Falali was bold spy ,I never liked him God forgive me but he and his family were so provoking "So what he is an arm dealer!!??"
    Of course his mother is insisting on her innoncence from the spying charge and hinting that he may have been killed according to the marks she found in his body ,when they washed him according to the Islamic rules

  3. Well.. why does it have to be the Mossad? It could very well be the Egyptian Intelligence.. it's not like he's the first.. there are other Egyptians linked to the Egyptian Intelligence that died pretty much the same way.. There are many question marks on the role that Ashraf Marwan played with the Mossad.. the questions are whether he intentionally mislead them or was he mislead himself?


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