Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Freed BBC reporter: 'It felt like I was buried alive' -

I am so so happy that the reporter Alan Johnston is free at last , this is good cheerful news , I am so happy for him and for his family

Of course the man looks terrible , I mean it has been more than 100 day.

Bravo Hamas , Hamas again is trying to prove that it is not terrorist barbaric group as some want to make appear like , really it is enough to see the reception of Johnston with Ismail Hania or even to read how he was set free

Bravo to both Johnston and Hamas

and Shame on this group that claims to be Islamic , this is not from the manners of Islam to kidnap a civilian unarmed man who came to our countries to cover the truth and terrify him like that

For God Sake what were they thinking ?? did they think that Blair would leave Iraq or even apologize for the Balfour's promise when they kidnap Johnston ?? 

Freed BBC reporter: 'It felt like I was buried alive' -


  1. Alhamdulilah Hamas did a good job and dont forget that they are the legal and elected government. Shame on Abbas who spoke to the news today saying that Hamas is illegal and he himself was appointed by Hamas as their Prime Minister due to his loses to the election and Hamas has no choice but to have him since the EU, US and Arabs and Israel refuse to deal with Hamas. Even now Abbas the corrupted didnt even want to release some money to Hamas and he knows that money is for the Palestinian people! May Allah swt give Hamas the strenght and punish Abbas for his action.

  2. Well the best way to punish Abbas is not by strength or murder or any of these technique the Way insh Allah they would do it to expose Abbas is to publish the records and documents they found in the Palestinians headquarter in Gaza ,it is enough

  3. I just want to know if anyone disagrees with the way scientists feel that they can dig uo tombs of Egyptians from thousands of years ago? Trying to do research paper, having hard time for votes against it, for Incas too.

  4. hey Anonymous,I can post a vote for you ,but if you want to know my personal opinion
    well I love history and the ancient Egyptian history is my passion but I believe that if we respect and believe human rights and so on then we should leave the dead alone , seriously now i am against digging up tombs because those people wanted to have rest
    and if someone diggs up my grave after 3 thousands years, I will curse him
    The passion for knowledge and history to know the life of those people made us forget that they were humans like whose wishes for a better other life must be respected
    this is for the inca too by the way, I respect their civilization very much


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