Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sherif El-Falali's obituary

This is for sure the first time of its kind that we find an obituary in a newspaper for someone who was convicted for espionage , Sherif El-Falali's family had decided to publish an obituary for him in the newspaper to announce his death and the date of the memorial service.

The strange thing is the newspaper they chose at first as far as I know refused the rich family request ,it was Al-Ahram which despite its greed and hunger for money "few lines in a column equal to thousands in their obituary service" could n't publish the obituary of a spy

Anyhow because of that refusal they decided to go to another newspaper , the controversial best selling independent newspaper "El-Dostor" in its weekly issue which this week is covering the El-Falali's case again revealing interesting  facts about his death concerning the forensic report

I will not talk about the forensic report now but instead I will share with you the obituary because this is a rare thing , in fact it is the first time that a Spy's family publish an Obituary for him , already to be honest his family never considered him a spy for them he was an innocent man ,the victim of the Egyptian intelligence , an innocent arm dealer !!

To tell you the truth his family provoked me during his trial despite I was still a little girl , I mean his mom didn't consider being arm dealer is wrong or having a girl friend whom he leaves her in the hotel to join the Friday Prayer was a sinful thing despite she insisted that he never leaves a pray !!

Seriously I have never seen a family that believes in its son's innocence like that despite the disgrace he brought to them with the espionage charge , already many spies were denied and abandoned by their families after knowing their treason for the Country, no one can forget the infamous spy "Heba Salim" whom Begin had asked for her exchange during the Camp David negotiations and President Sadaat said that it was ok for the Israelis to take her , already her family refused to burry her dead body in their cemetery and thus the Israelis took a dead body

I wonder how much did El-Falali family pay to El-Dostor to publish this obituary !!??


  1. My comment is not directly related to your topic. I really need to know your biography- your real age, education, location and background. You recall events happened in the 50s and 60s as if you are 80yo now. You mention people and historical details as if you are sitting with Ali Amin, Dr Abdel Azeem Ramadan, Mosa
    Sabri and Hassanin Heikal all in one place. You mentioned Heba Salim, a character I didnt find in the WEB..if you have the gut to write the way you do then you must have the courage to introduce yourself clearly to us. Dr. SR, NY

  2. I agree with SR
    I really admire your way of writing, your ability to recall events and names I never heard of.
    I usually trust what people say, but I wonder if you really are 23 years old.
    I also understand that you have your reasons to hide. Anyway don’t stop the rain (writing)

    To SR: Why is it so important to you to sign with Dr SR? We do not need to know your qualifications; we only need to read you qualified comment!

  3. I dont think that mentioning somebody's title is a sign of arrogance or something. Mr ACG, if you find somebody's complaining of that tell him he might have a little of inferiority complex and he has to deal with his problem. Zeinobia, please dont forget to give us a hint on your biography ( not your personal info) so that we can fit the pieces in a logic way. Dr SR, NY

  4. SR: Or Dr SR, you still did not answer the question: Why is it so important to you to sign with Dr SR? Please ask your self that question!

  5. The fact that he is living with a girl or an athiest or an rms dealer has got nothing to do at all with morality. That is individual liberty. Arms dealing is alright as long as it is carried out through the legitmate channels. There a re leagal legitmate companies that are involved in arms dealing. Thr are shops in Cairo that sell guns and rifles and thy working under liscnese from the government.

    Dont rtry to impose your value system on others.

    About el-Filaly, i think that any spy must be spitted upon. However as far as i know, it was el filaly who went over to the Egyptian intelligence and rported everything. That's wy the first judge set him fre

  6. @Dr. SR
    Well my real age is the one in my profile , I swear despite if you see me in reality you will think that I am 16 years old girl
    Ali Amin and Heikal were very close friends to my late grand father ,I swear I am not bluffing , he also knew Mosa Sabry but they didn't like each othe r
    look I read a lot , my grand dad had this huge very big library that has a book from every thing you can imagine and I grow up as a book worm , in a house that respects opinion and encourage reading
    I wish that I can introduce myself more but I can't ,anyhow About Heba Salim
    well I am raised on Kamal El-Sheikh film "El-So3od ll Hawoiah" ,not to mention the original novel by Saleh Morse , I love his books , also her story was mentioned several times in TV and newspapers

    @anonymous , well I swear I am 23

    @anonymous 2 ,again this is what I can say about myself

    @Amr , he was n't a legal arm dealer for the army or has a weapons shop like Fatahallah downtown at Cairo , we are speaking about a trade that supply terrorists ,drug dealers with weapons , there is a huge difference between the two things
    El-Falali didn't say he was an arm dealer as a profession and when his family confirmed this they said it as so what he is an arm dealer !!
    Look I don't try to impose my values on anyone but don't forget this is my blog ,it reflects what I believe and think from right and wrong
    Another thing if you believe El-Falali was innoncent why do you think he was in jail ?? I mean do you think that they set him up ?? don't forget the same president that said Marwan was a hero is the same President that had sent El-Falali to jail if you remember the trial

  7. we are sherif elfilali family thanks for all who think that sherif allah yarhamoh is innconet becouse he is sherif also not armer dearler when he came to egypt he wanta leagl primession from goverment to go to iraq to dscribe a weabon to people who will use it they will use bye the way my our son has 5 langue(english/french/germany/espanish/italy)he was engneer in airportand ranways he has majestirand and register for dctora he from rich family anddidnot need mony to be spy sherif go to espain and and didnot came to egypt for three year is must be live in egypt to know every thing in egypt we stand after him becouse we belive in our son we belive in god also .

  8. iam contuine writing sherif he will not spy for any one sherif love his country but she didnot love him and not every one in jail is gulity but we belive that is his destiny and god want to him to go bure between his hand oll the brobganda that make to him to make people belive that he is spy becouse it there country we didnot have a voice in it so we belive in god .god will get to us his inncoent not in this momnet but he will give to us becouse allah is strong than them sorry if miss somthing but u must belive in us.

  9. last thing for all who belive that sherif is spy think u didnot here only the news paper and they write what they give them to write not our talk we dont want from anybody to love us becouse u dont know us but we want from oll to open there mind and try to read who is between the lines not the lines itself thanks for all and god help us in our sadness.

  10. @anonymous from the Falali family ,I understand your loss and I am sorry for it , I believe it is very hard for any family to be in your position
    Now if you are really believe in his innonce why do not tell us your version of the story ??
    Why was he accused of spying ?? and who was behind that accusation ?? and why did his mom in El-Dostor accused the regime indirectly of killing him ??
    Please explain yourselves and don't tell us read between the lines ,because I don't see the lines itself
    pardon me but here i am playing the devil's advocate plus not all the people remember his case here
    الزائر المجهول من عائلة الفلالى اقدر موقفك و انا اسفة له و ارجو من حضرتك ان تنقولنا الرواية من وجهة نظركم اية اللى حصل ؟ ليه تم اتهامه ؟؟ و مين وراء سجنه ؟؟ و ليه والدته اتهمت الدولة بطريق غير مباشر بقتله فى الدستور ؟؟

    مش كل الناس بتقرا بين السطور انا نفسى مش شايفة مش سطور و التهمة دى مش زى اى تهمة دى وصمة عار

  11. اناوالدة شريف الفيلالي لست مجهولة ولكن الله اعلم بالنار التي في قلبي انا ووالد شريف ولكنى اتذكر الله فى كل لحظةو شكرا علي اهتمامكم بانسان مظلوم اتهم ظلما لفقت له تهمه التخابر وهو اساسا بعيدا عنها يكفي ان اقول انني قدمت 55دليل براة القاضي الاول حكم له بالبراه اما االثانى كلكم تعرفونة الذى جاء للحكم عليه15 عامالموضوع باختصار صفقه سلاح لدولة عربيه و ابني فكر في مخابرات بلدة لحمايه وتكون سند له و للاسف الشديد ابني لم يسمع نصيحه مسؤل كبير بالسفارة الاسبانيه قال له بالحرف الواحديا فيلالي الجهات الامنيه لن تفهم قصدك النبيل وقد كان القدر ساقه الي هذا المصير المظلم حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل لقد احتسبت ابني عندالله مضلوم وشهيد والده ووالد الشهيد المهندس شريف الفيلالي

  12. سيدتى العزيزة اقدر ما اصابكم و انا اسفة له شكرا لكى لسرعة الرد و رواية القصة من ناحيتكم

    و لا استطيع ان رد سواء انه اذا كان برىء حقا افالله لن يترك حقه و لكن اسمحى لى سيدتى ان اسالك سؤلان يلحان على منذ ايام المجكمة الاولى و لكى كل الحرية فى الاجابة

    لماذا تورط فى تجارة السلاح من الاصل ؟؟

    اساسا تجارة الاسلحة ليست التجارة سهلة و عواقبها ليست حميدة فى جميع الاحوال ؟؟

    السؤال الثاتى و اعذرنى لانى امارس دور محامى الشيطان لماذا تقوم الاجهزة الامنية فى مصر بتلفيق قضية تجسس فى حين انه كان من الممكن تلفيق اى قضية له اولها الاتجار الغير قانونى للاسلحة ؟؟

    و الاسئلة المهمة الان و اعلم مدى حساسيتها

    لماذا تعقتدين انه قتل الان طبقا للاثار التى كانت موجودة فى جسده على حد قولك فى جريدتى الدستور و صوت الامة ؟؟

    و هل تعتقدين ان هناك علاقة بين موته او مقتله الان كما هو شائع و بين مقتل اشرف مروان فى لندن ؟؟

    و السئوال الاخير سيدتى و هو من اجابتك عن اسئلتى

    حضرتك ذكرتى ان مسئول السفارة الاسبانية حذره من السلطات الامنية فى مصر قال لابنك انها لن تفهم قصدك النبيل ؟؟؟

    ما الذى يجعل السلطات لا تفهم ذاك القصد النبيل ؟؟

    اعذورنى لو سالت كثيرا و لكن ربما هذه التساؤلات لا تدور فى ذهنى و حسب

    The translation of the comment I had received to my English reader , the anonymous commenter claims to be Sherif El-Falali's mother , I think I must translate it and also translate my respond

    " I am the mother of Sherif El-Falali,I am not anonymous, but Allah knows the fire inside my heart and insider Sherif's father but I remember Allah in every second

    Thanks for your concern with a wronged person who was accused unjustly with espionage and he was already away innocent from it and it is enough to say that I had presented 55 evidences of innocence to the first judge who ruled to my son to be inguilty but the second ,well you all know his rule 15 years in Jail

    In brief it was an arm deal for an Arab country and my son thought in the intelligence of his country for protection and a back up but unfortnately he did not listen to the advice of an important official in the Spanish Embassy he told him that the security won't understand your noble cause , and that what happened , fate led him to this dark destiny , habasi Allah wa nam Al-Wakeel " Allah is enough for me as a defender" ,I consider my son as Martyr at Allah's mercy ,

    The parents of the Martyr engineer Sherif El-Falali "

    This is the comment I didn't change anything in it

    and now here is mine

    My dear Lady I understand what you have been through and I feel sorry for it

    Thanks for the quick reply and sharing your side of the story

    and I can't say anything except that if he is truly an Innocent than Allah will not give up his right but please excuse me my lady if I asked you couple of questions that I wondered since the time of the first trial and you have the freedom to answer or decline

    -Why did he involve in arms dealing ?? it is already not an easy trade and usually its consequences are not good !!

    - The second question and pardon me as I am playing the devil's advocate role

    Why would the Egyptian security fabricate an espionage charge for him at the same time they can fabricate any other charge for him including arms dealing ???

    and the important questions about now and I know how sensitive they are

    -Why do you think he was killed according to the marks in his body according to what you said in EL-Dostor and Sowat El-Oma ??

    -Do you think that there is a relation between his death or murder and Ashraf Marwan's death according to what is common now ??

    And the last question my lady is from your answer in the previous comment

    You mentioned that a Spaniard official warned your son that the Egyptian security would not understand your son´s noble cause ?? What would make the security misunderstand his noble cause ??

    I am sorry If I ask a lot but I think these are not my Questions in my mind only

  13. I think that the issue right now is about two major aspects: Why Sherif El-Falali's verdict changed from acquittal to 15 years in prison? And what was the real cause of his death in prison?
    Hope that the truth comes out one day.

    In another issue, I believe that your age is 23, however I can understand the reason why some people think that you are older than this. You are a mature girl who reads serious books in search of the real history of Egypt. In addition, anyone can be curious about this girl who has many family relations with people who made history in this country. In this also, I believe you :))

  14. Dr. yasser thanks for reminding me with the original verdict , it is strange itself
    time is the only answer
    Expensive news today will be free news tomorrow as the Egyptian proverb says

    about my family ,well I think my great grand father , the father of my grand mother was careful in choosing his sons in law from good families :)


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