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Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism :

 Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism : NOLA Indymedia

You will be surprised to find that according to those 14 defining characteristics that Egypt used to be ruled by fascist regime in the days of Gamal Abd El-Nasser , the class symptoms 

Now we got only few characteristics but not all , the regime still controls the media and religion is used by the the regime to achieve its purpose as tool of influence

Not to mention the fraudulent elections

Ironically most Arab countries accordingly now are either ruled by  complete Fascist "Like Libya,Syria,Tunisia" to semi Fascist regimes

Nationalism here by the way in the Arab world differs from state to another , there is the Arabic Nationalism , there is the African Nationalism , there is the Native Nationalism "Shami,Egyptian,..etc" and also Islamic Nationalism "used sometimes by Gaddafi"


  1. Grandma,

    You are really using an occasion for understanding and reflection, to show your true color, and that color is real ugly.

    And some of your ignorant readers, and commentators, are following your lead without knowing what you are up to. You can call yourself an Egyptian, and an Egyptian girl in particular, but you know well you are none of these.

    You have a single aim that is so difficult for you to hide. You want to soil what Gamal Abdel Nasser did, or at least tried to do, for Egypt, and beyond Egypt. You are so upset with Nasser for exiling your beloved king Farouk, a whore, who was surrounded by whores, and as it happened one of those was a Turkish relative of yours. You color every word you write by that hate which comes deep from your guts. Everyone who worked with Nasser and saw a positive side in him is a villain, and those who disagreed with Nasser are beloved ones regardless of their corruption, dishonesty, or ineffectiveness,

    Grandma, you may have grown up in the vicinity of the king palace, and you may have had the means to live well, get education, and land a job, but the vast majority of your so called Egyptian readers would have never been able to read your sick writings if Nasser didn't open the schools and universities for them. Believe me, many of them would be now working as servants for your Basha or roaming Cairo streets looking for a giveaway.

    Egypt now have so many problems. It is about to collapse, if it didnt already. The poor are getting poorer, thanks to Anwar El Sadat who worked hard to dismantle any social network that Nasser tried to built, and to Hosni Mubarak who worked harder to fill the Egyptian streets with the poor, the sick, and the homeless. You, grandma, may consider addressing the problems of these people, objectively if your heart allows it, instead of siding with the enemies of Egypt and writing about Farouk or Sadat's "glories", and Nasser "fascism"

  2. Farouk was "a whore surrounded by whores"?? possibly; but the question here is how Nasser, Amer, AliShafik,..and the rest of the RCC measured up to this statement..honsetly?
    Farouk was a very young boy given the responsibilty of Egypt.. He was easily manipulated by corrupt surrounding.. The question is what execuse Nasser had?

  3. @One annoyed Egyptian: The colour that I see when I read your words is not a nice colour. I understand that you are annoyed because Zienobia has started issues about Nasser. I have always had a huge respect for Nasser, but after 30 years in Europe I have learned to be open minded, listen to the argument, and not let my feelings control my rational. We, Egyptians, are very controlled by our feelings; sometimes we do not even want to hear a different opinion if it hurts our feelings.

    We want a democracy but we would never get it if we, as population are not prepared to get it.
    We should start with our selves, we can do that by allowing each other to have different opinion, and still respect each other.

    If you want democracy, start applying it your self

  4. I somehow can't see how you are seeing things that way.
    The defining attribute that differentiates totalitarian & fascism is the level of corporate governance and policy making.
    So really we don't have much fascism in the arab world, and if any country could qualify it would be egypt actually the current egypt due to the amount of influence the corporations and businessmen have in policy litigations.
    Now for abd al naser, he was the apposite, he was colser to socialism that he was to fascism.
    He nationalized alot of services and industries, he dismantled corporation and finally he empowered the working class.
    So unless you where basing your description on gender bias... you don't have much room to back your thought here.

  5. @A very angry Egypt ,Grand ma is the age of wisedom and as a wise person I will answer objectively not subjectively
    I don't like Gamal Abd El-Nasser for no reason or because I miss the days of the crescent and the star , I don't like him because he was the one who introduced the culture of fear in Egypt
    Who did open jails for the opposition ?? who did enter the toture to the jail ?? who brought men Hamaza El-Baissouny and Fouad Alam ??
    Who did nationalize press?? sorry who killed the free press in Egypt ??
    Who made everyone spy on the other in Egypt ?? in which era?? I am sorry but during that time people were scared abnout anything because their neighbours or co-workers can send them to jail and the examples are many and I got plenty
    have you ever read the Fagomi Ahmed Fouad Nagam memories ?? have you ever read or seen the Karnak for Naguib Mahfouz , this was what that era like
    strangely the Nasserists now are attacking this Mubarak era for dictatorship and they are forgetting that it was the Nasser precious legacy
    Ok we leave the freedom and let's speak about the other important achievement , the President Cult , the president God who no one can say anything otherwise he or she will be accused by treason and having false and true colors just like you attacked forgetting the simplest terms of democracy
    Strangely also the Nasserists day and night call for freedom of expression , the freedom which Nasser himself fought , still they do not know respect it
    Look my dear I made series of posts about 1956 and 1967 especially 1967 which I made found things that made me hate him 1000 times , my dear because of him and his friend till now we suffer and unfortunately we lost it without nearly a fight it , we gave them lands that never dreamt of on a golden plate and do not tell me it is not the fault of Nasser , it is a fault of Hakim , no no no , and who brought Hakim to be the field Marshall in just one jump in the first place ?? tell me why he did not achieve the prinicple of the revolution "establishing a strong army " and please do not tell we were because we were not , and do not tell that they did not give us a change , because he had a chance

    do you think I am biased ?? i am sorry I am not , because I love Egypt more than you think I feel that we are still suffering from his legacy

  6. @anonymous , famous late belly dancer Tahia Karioka had a famous quote
    Farouk left and Farouks came

    @anonymous2, I am sorry but the Nasserists in Egypt believe that this a scared forbidden zone no one should say his or her opinion otherwise he or she will be the enemy of the state !!

  7. @No_angel,
    let's compare all the 14 characteristics
    1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism using slogans and symbol , the Arabic Nationalism day and night we were chanting with it despite we had quarrels with most Arab countries because Nasser wanted the monarches turn in to republics , of course now I will find someone says "the Saudis worked with the C.I.A..bla bla bla"
    because of that the arab nationalism we lost most of our troops in Yemen

    2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights: there were no human rights at all in his era

    3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause : strangely it was not Israel ,in fact we underestimated Israel , the biggest enemy is the imperialism and its agents UK and AMerica , despite UK back then lost its powers, I swear I got a magazine its date goes to 7/1967 and in it a promise we are going to have a victory over the imperalism , UK, America , I wonder where is Israel ??

    4. Supremacy of the Military ; do I need to speak about this , the army was the ruling establishment till the 1967 , and let's see the legacy , generals as CEO In fields they don't know anything about ,generals as governers, the military ruled the country but they did not stand against the real enemy

    5. Rampant Sexism, some wise person will women took the vote right and women became ministers , ok it s great thing but on the other way women became whore agents in the intelligence , if you read the scandal of the intelligence aka the revolution confessions

    6. Controlled Mass Media , some said in one the children TV shows on CH1 back then a Child said that she dreamt with Nasser and TV hostess ,told her baby you are going to Heaven
    I do not need to speak about this

    7. Obsession with National Security ,again it was a trade mark , the country was ruled by the intelligence and security services all are spying on each other and all are writing reports about each other

    8. Religion and Government are Intertwined ,Alazhar began to lose its powers , more and more government establishment it became ,tool in the hands of the regime , I once read an article for Khalid Mohamed Khalid in a monthly magazine dated to 6/1967 ,before the war it was published and the title of the magazine "Fear God LBJ in your people !!" as if LBJ would read the article!!

    9. Corporate Power is Protected,here we did not have this back then , but we have it now ,see I am an honest person

    10. Labor Power is Suppressed ,just read the memories of the labor socialist readers who spent the 1960s in jail coming out and in from it

    11. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts , let's not to forget the immigiration of the Egyptian scientists to the United States in 1960s
    let's not to forget films used to be seen by committees of the socialist union so it would be released for the public
    Tawfik Salah's "Diaries of a DA in a country side" which was based on Tawfik El-Hakim ,was seen by several committees before its release ,the film was about the corruption of the police
    Tawfik Salah's "the rebels" same thing this time the end changed, the rebels was a symbolic story about the political jails in Egypt ,you can consider it the unhappy sad dark version of the great escape
    The trio of the theatre lights samir ,Goerge and Ahmed had a play called "A limon is wanted" , they were called to the security service and asked "do you the country is sick from the regime and that's why you chose the name " and they already chose another play despite they were not discussing politics and Samir since then decided not to present anything political from near or far
    the poems of Ahmed Fouad Nagam , Fouad Haddad and Naguib Sarror
    do you need to speak about this really because the example are plantey to the level you can not imagine

    12. Obsession with Crime and Punishment again the security factor

    13. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption, well Nasser and Hakim each had his own gang and each gang has its relatives and friends in almost every important position in the country ,ceos,governers , of course no need to speak about the results

    14. Fraudulent Elections, the first 99,99999999999% result in the Arab world , they learnt it from us I am afraid
    I am sorry but even God in this earth not a 99.9999999999999% of the population of the earth do not believe in

    ok 13 from 14 points proved that we were having a fascit rule

    now what do you think ??? Solid basis or what

  8. hmm zanobia ...
    So i failed to notice but did u change ur mind towards the end ? i don't thnk so...
    without making it too long, numbers 1-7 do not differentiate between fascism and totalitarian (i hope you can agree to that easily) so we don't need to discuss them. That also applies to 11- 14 since they don't distinguish between the two which is essentially what we are arguing about, that we don't have any true fascism & not even half of a one.
    Naser was as anti islamic as they come, actually the islamic movement started to take strides and recognition after his demise, am sure you know that(more like it was created and financed as an alternative to socialism).

    9. you already recognized that one

    now 10. it doesn't matter if some where oppressed, all I am saying is the general sentiment of the working class was with him or against him ? from what i know and researched i would be confident to say that the majority of the working class was with him and supported him & its fairly evident during the 1956 war and neighborhood movements that i read about.
    either way you would agree that even if they were against him in the past they are even more oppressed now evident by the amount of Egyptian laborers working abroad compared to that era.

    So saying that the current regime is less fascist is non sequitur. since you are either fascist or you are just something else.
    there is not much in common between the systems in the arab world and the systems' of mussolini, franco, or soharto beside the oppression which is common along alot of political systems

    ENJOY !
    :P troll I wonder how he feels about this comment


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