Thursday, July 26, 2007

Islam in America: A Special Report From the Newsweek Magazine

The Newsweek is presenting a special report this week about Islam and Muslims in America

It is very interesting despite it may not be fair or giving the complete true picture yet it still interesting and worth reading because I believe it is from the rare in depth look in the Muslim community in America

There are Muslims who are participating in writing this special report by the way , one of them is Daisy Khan who I remember from the American documentary "Muhammad:Legacy of a prophet"   

The good thing in the coverage that it can be considered a real American confession that the American Muslim society is suffering despite what it had been and still is presenting to this country , I do believe that they are the real victims but they were not the only community that suffered from discrimination in the American history thought

In the coverage they covered very important problems like the lack of American born Emams and the Internet extremist Websites yet the most important problem I believe is one which I encountered from knowing American Muslims is the gap between the African American Muslims and other American Muslims from other origins

It is like what is said in that they are not accepted whether from the society or from the community ,it is very sad because Allah does not look to your face but your heart

I met online my American Muslims mostly from non Arabic origins , you will be surprised that many of them are native Americans ,African America ns and also simple Americans and it stroked me the difference they had from their view to the religion , I can not deny that I met those who shared what they thought a "Salafi" that is a fundamentalist kind of thinking in Islam ,yet in reality it is more a "Wahbi" thinking away from the fundamentals of the Islam

I don't know why in this coverage they ignored the real true example of successful Muslims in the United States

I mean they forgot to mention the man who was in charge of the landing locations in the Moon back in 1960s is a Muslim and he is called "Farouk El-Baz" , this man served the United States and its people

They also forgot to mention that there is a Muslim scientist called "Ahmed Zowail"  who took the Nobel Prize and that he lives in the United States

There are many examples from Muslim doctors,surgeons and scientists who saved the lives of the Americans through all those decades

I swear if they calculated the numbers of those Americans whose lives were saved by those Muslim doctors since the 1960s when the immigration process began you will find it more than those who had died because of the Al-Qaida and here I do not mean to underestimate the human loses but what I am trying to say is that the Muslim community for decades helped and is still helping in building and sustaining the American Empire and it is unfair to think them as the enemy

The Magazine will be in the stand next 31st of July 2007 if you are interested to buy it

Islam in America: A Special Report - Newsweek Society -

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