Egyptian Chronicles: Lemonada, the Arabic Latin chill out music

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lemonada, the Arabic Latin chill out music

First of all I must thank my dear friend Sherif because he introduced me to the wonderful world of Lemonada Band from Lebanon

Second this is to chill you in the hot summer days

You Know Lebanon in music is not Haifa or Dana or their sisters, it is greater than them , you got Fairoz ,Magda El-Roumi ,Marcil Khalifa and you got also indie bands like Lemonada

Lemonade the Arabic Latin chill out music , a wonderful new experience that we are not familiar with in the Arab world , this relaxing Bossa Nova style of Astrud Gilberto from the 1960s you will definitely feel it when you hear Abali

For your ears only

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  1. Allaaaah ya Zeinobia. Very nice piece. You remind me of Hany Shenoda and El Masrieen. The same romantic rhythm and warm tunes that really chill you. Dr SR NY 9pm

  2. thanks DoC , you seemed the only one who likes it , well you got a good taste
    Hany Shounda and his band oh boy where are they now ??

  3. omg! i love lemonada!!! i have to thank my friend for introducing me to them. then i came looking to download their songs.. and came across this post and just had to comment!

  4. I just discovered lemonada recently and im in love!! anyone knows where i can download it? i live in japan atm so its not easy to get my hand on the album!

  5. Could anyone tell me about the vocalist please, who is she?

  6. any website for them ? and one knows about fadi iskander from 80s


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